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ajax form with partial view with a dynamically generated list updating values on another partial view

I fairly new to MVC and Razor (Yes, shame on me), I have a page with 2 partial views and 1 ajax form with one of the partial view with a dynamically generated list updating values (and failing) to the other partial view, by design it shows the first message...

Why PartialView cannot reload with Ajax in MVC

I use a popup window to create a new record and I render a view inside the window. In addition to this, I call a partialview in this view according to the selectedindex of a combobox in it. I can successfully post the form to the Controller and return it...

IEnumerable Ajax.Beginform to Controller is null

I have a view contains a list of users that is passed through the model. What I want to do is have a button for each user using which passes the userId back to the controller so that I could store it. Similar to a Like/Unlike Button. @model IEnumerable<FindaRoom.Models.FilterViewModel> <h3>List...