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For loop in activity diagram

I'm have written a pseudo code for an algorithm and I would like to draw an activity diagram for it. However, I cannot find any source stating which notation to use for "for loops". I don't suppose it is the decision diamond.

Can I use final nodes in activity diagrams to end a use case?

I'm working on several activity diagrams wich describes different use cases about a client-server application. Can final nodes be used to specify the end of a use case and not of a process? For example at the end of the login use case both server and client don't end but...

Activity Diagram and SwimLanes

Should activity diagram include detailed information about how the system functions from the start of the application? Say for example i am making a swing application in which the app loads a JList with images when the application opens, so should i specify that in activity diagram even though user...

Activity Diagram for Game Functions/Interaction

I am creating an activity diagram for a game, although I am not sure if I am using the correct diagram. Is this the correct diagram to represent the functions of the game? Functions: The aim of the game is for the character to move around the screen to collect...

How to model optional actions on UML activity diagram

After searching the net and a couple of old fashioned books I own, I still haven't found my answer to how to model an activity for a specific use case. I am fairly new to UML and thus activity diagrams. The activity is Add hotel. This is fictional, but the...

UML Activity Diagram for android project

I have created the below diagram and I wanted to know if the diagram that I have done is correct. The below diagram is based on an android application. When the application loads the user is given 3 button to select add, update and help. On click on add button...

Date axis needed next to a gojs swim lane diagram

I am prototyping a web application in which I would like to display a vertical swim lane activity diagram and a custom date axis next to the diagram. The nodes of the diagram should be positioned according to their date attribute. The user should be possible to "zoom in and...

Why do Branch and Merge use the same symbol in UML Activity diagrams?

What is the rationale behind Branch and Merge using the same symbol? I find it confusing, because you can't rely on the shape to know whether there's a conditional going on or not. Is there some other standard symbol or symbol variation I can use? I would rather avoid connecting...

What is really different with FLOW CHART from ACTIVITY DIAGRAM?

I know activity diagram is more simple standardized support concurrent flows than a flow chart. But what is the reason I should use activity diagram rather than flow chart apart from those above points. I'm just started UML. And this point is unclear for me. Can anyone explain to me?...