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Authorization Model: Context of Role?

I am currently attempting to design an Authorization Model that has the following components: Privileges - an action that can either be granted or denied to a user/group Roles - a collection of privileges; roles can be associated with a user or group Security Objects - the entity to which...

How to use LDAP to implement a resource/action based authorization?

We have a legacy system that uses a resource/action based authorization. Recently our company has decided to use a LDAP server as a repository for both Authentication and Authorization. I haven't worked with LDAP servers before but as far as I have learned we can define our schema for different...

Is WSO2 Identity Server working with JSON XACML request/response?

I´m new in the world of WSO2 Identity Server. Does anyone know if Identity Server is able to send and receive XACML requests and responses using the new JSON defined in the Oasis XACML Definition? I cannot find any reference or tutorial talking about that. Thanks in advance!...

Use ALFA in standalone mode

The DSL ALFA by Axiomatics is only provided as an eclipse plugin. Is it possible to use it in standalone mode? There is a Main class bundled in the jar but I have had no luck getting it to work.