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Any Button to Save Position and Rotation in Animation 3Ds Max

I have a problem in 3ds max. I build an animation based on bone with some controllers. Let say I have an arm controller (please see the attached image) and I want it to be animated from frame A, B, and C. http://tinypic.com/r/11i08iq/8 From A to B, I animated the...

Pass by value / reference performance comparison in Maxscript?

How does it affect efficiency in Maxscript?. Maxscript is a slow one, but i wonder how much does it affect? I tried this script, it took a lot of time to execute the operations in the array, but later on the call to functions were fast returning 0 to the...

Safe frame calculation

How safe frame is calculated in 3ds Max. I want to know the relationship between Viewport width and height, Render width and height(aspect ratio) in the calculation of safe frame width and height. My final goal is to find the distance between top left corner of the plane and top...

3ds max nested layers hierarchy

how can one enumerate hierarchy of nested layers using max 2015 sdk. Example: I have 3 layers named simply "1","2" and "3". 1 and 2 are at the root and 3 belongs in to 1. How to find out this information using sdk. I can find a layer where a...

Convert 3D models to patent digrams [closed]

I want to convert 3dsmax file to patent diagrams in different perspectives. I am new to 3dsmax, and i want to know if there is any method to export it to line drawings like the ones that is available in patents