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Search a site for a link with Google?


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Can you use Google to search a site for a specific link? I dont know if it would be a relative or absolute link but its an internal link to that domain.

Another solution to my issue (but not quite as good) would be to test if a page is indexed by google.


You can search for indexed page with the prefix "site" - site:, of course you can see all indexed pages from a domain with


Is it possible to search by microdata/structured data in a standard Google search?

I have been using a Google Custom Search Engine to return useful results using standard X-Ray techniques and the more:pagemap:: techniques as outlined here Does anyone know how, on a standard google search, I could apply the same idea to query the Structured Data on a page when x-ray...

Robotstxt Google Searchresults

My search results index all the sites on Google. I only want to index the main page and not the /nl/, /en/ and /fr/ How can I prevent this in my robots.txt? I used Disallow: /nl/ Disallow: /fr/ Disallow: /en/ But what with my sitemap with the URL how...

google search results keyboard shortcuts tab navigator

Some will think is not related to programming but I think it is, because most of the time I am encounter programming issues I search in google to find solutions, or ways to do what I plan to do before I am writing it from scratch, lets face it we...

Does JSON-LD have to be embedded?

We are currently using the Microdata format to expose data to search engines and we are looking at exposing more info to be able to support some more advanced Google Search features. As I'm working my way through the fields I'm finding I need information that we currently load asynchronously...

How Google “distinguishes” website articles from news? [closed]

When I search keywords from Google, it shows all articles related to these words and It has separate tab called "News", where Google shows related news. How Goolge "Knows" that article from site is about News? I have opened source codes of multiple news websites and they has "itemprops" in...

How to get the HTML source of a google search page?

I'm trying to develop my coding skills, I was trying to design a sort of custom client for viewing google searches. I don't want to use the google API, mainly because I feel like this will cut out a lot of the interesting programming. I tried downloading the webpages, with...

make a google search programmatically and process results

I want to make a search on google, using php or node.js... I not yet decided that, it depends about what answer for this question is easier to implement (the rest of what I want to do is easy in both languages). After make this consultation I want to process...

Using Google Custom Search engine with a little privacy

I would like to use a Google Custom Search Engine on my website. With Google's default implementation, you have to put Javascript on each page that has the search box. For privacy reasons, I would like to load that Javascript only for those users who actually use the search engine....

Is a product microsite a bad idea for google [closed]

I am a bit confused to if a product microsite/brochure site is a bad idea. Since back links are not a good thing. I've read a fair few articles but couldn't get to any conclusion. Basically I have this client how sells online hundreds of products on their main website....

What should be the name of the sitemap file for Google SEO?

I created a sitemap for my website that contains the below code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <url> <loc></loc> </url> <url> <loc></loc> </url> <url>...

How to retrieve Single result from google?

I am developing the android application in which user gives the key to search that key has to be search in google and read the output of google (like google voice search). The google gives the multiple results as per the key but i need only first result among the...

How can I get better google indexing results?

I have just launched a new domain, and it's not showing for some keywords I would like it to. Can anyone give me some advice to help it rank better please? I'd like it to show on the first 2 pages for: Managed SMF hosting SMF host/hosting Managed SMF...

SERP is just showing the main page but none of the subpages

Have a look on this search where you can see that just my main page is indexed. But why does Google/Search engines not take and the other subpages? Is my deep linking done in a wrong way? Do the search engines need more time? If they do need more...

Where can I find a corpus of search engine queries?

I'm interested in training a question-answering system on top of user-generated search queries but so far it looks like such data is not made available. Are there some research centers or industry labs that have compiled corpora of search-engine queries?

Search a site for a link with Google?

Can you use Google to search a site for a specific link? I dont know if it would be a relative or absolute link but its an internal link to that domain. Another solution to my issue (but not quite as good) would be to test if a page is...

How seo implemented for website?

When I Search for distance between bangalore to mumbai in Google, comes up in the search results. I mean if I search for distance between any source to destination they have results for that. They have one dynamic page where user can enter source and destination and those inputs...

Why do I get the search bar in a separate line?

I am trying to add a Google search bar in the navbar, but i do not why it comes in a new line as shown below: This is the html that should brings the navbar and its components all in the same column. <div class='col-lg-12 col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-xs-12'> <nav class="navbar...

Google Un-index / remove page from search results

I hope this is the right place to ask my question: For example I had a webpage: Then from /extra/index.html I have created a new page (for example and completely removed the extra folder from But now, when I try to search in Google "something extra" it...