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Crystal Report's 3 Way Formula is not working with a Two-Page Report


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I am using this 3 way formula below to get record/s from details section and display in group footer for each group in a report. It is working pretty well BUT NOT WITH A GROUP REPORT CONTAINING OR EXTENDING WITH more than 1 page.

Formula 1: In Group Header (Initialise)

stringvar strtitle := "";

Formula 2: In details Section, (create a condition)


    stringvar strtitle;
    numbervar var;

    if ({@CurrentMonthNew}) = "CLOSED" and ({@PreviousMonthNew}) <> "CLOSED"
    strtitle := strtitle   + ChrW(13) + cstr((var := var+1;),0) + ". "  +    {spMSR;} + " ceased its operation on " + cstr({@LastDate})

   else if ({@CurrentMonthNew}) <> "CLOSED" and ({@PreviousMonthNew}) = "Not    yet operational"
   strtitle := strtitle   + ChrW(13) + cstr((var := var+1;),0) + ". "  + {spMSR;} + " started its operation on " + cstr({@FirstDate})

Formula 3: In Group Footer, display the final output

stringvar strtitle;

Why is not working with a two or more page report and how to solve this problem? Any help will be highly appreciated.


I have tried to uncheck the "Repeart Group Report on Each Page" and it worked, but the group header was lost. How can we have both?


Modify formula in your group header:

If Not InRepeatedGroupHeader Then stringvar strtitle := "";


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