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Modify a button label in dynamics crm


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In my associated view pages of some entities, i want to modify some button labels.

For masculine noun entities I want to have:

and for feminine noun entities I want to have:

how can i change the button label, knowing it is a system button


You can edit almost any button label. A really useful tool to do this is RibbonWorkbench

If you want to edit the button labels for certains entities, you will need to have a solution with the entities you want to modify, open that solution with Ribbon Workbench and found the button to change.

If you want to made the change globally I think you will need to add the application ribbon to the solution.


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Is it possible to export a solution from CRM 2015 (7.0) to CRM 2013 (6.1)? Instructions I've found online say there's a step to choose target version in the export wizard but it doesn't appear for me.

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Is there a NuGet package for Microsoft.Xrm.Client for Dynamics 2013 and 2015?