angular-ui-bootstrap,bootstrap-modal,angular-bootstrap , angular bootstrap modal won't appear in the front when browser is full screen on an element

angular bootstrap modal won't appear in the front when browser is full screen on an element


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When I go full screen on an element and then try to display angular bootstrap's modal in front, it won't appear in front.

To test it:

1 - Click on this link

2 - Click on the "launch the preview in separate window" icon (image shown below)

3 - Click on Go Full Screen Button (you will then be in full screen on the element with id fullable)

4 - Then click on any of the buttons to try to show a modal.

Here is how to "launch the preview in separate window" on plnkr: enter image description here


Solution to this problem required modal window to be appended to the element of my choice (in this case, element that goes full screen).

To accomplish this, I updated the angular bootstrap modal's code so that options object we pass to the $ function now accepts an appendTo property which is a css selector that will be used by document.querySelector.

In modal code (version 0.12.1), I changed from these:

var body = $document.find('body').eq(0), 
    currBackdropIndex = backdropIndex();

$, {
            scope: modalScope,
            deferred: modalResultDeferred,
            content: tplAndVars[0],
            backdrop: modalOptions.backdrop,
            keyboard: modalOptions.keyboard,
            backdropClass: modalOptions.backdropClass,
            windowClass: modalOptions.windowClass,
            windowTemplateUrl: modalOptions.windowTemplateUrl,
            size: modalOptions.size

to these:

var body = angular.element(document.querySelector(modal.appendTo)),
            currBackdropIndex = backdropIndex();

$, {
            scope: modalScope,
            deferred: modalResultDeferred,
            content: tplAndVars[0],
            backdrop: modalOptions.backdrop,
            keyboard: modalOptions.keyboard,
            backdropClass: modalOptions.backdropClass,
            windowClass: modalOptions.windowClass,
            windowTemplateUrl: modalOptions.windowTemplateUrl,
            size: modalOptions.size,
            appendTo: modalOptions.appendTo || 'body'

I opened an issue for this on github but it was closed without resolution so I had to update my local copy. Github issue is here:

Please note: Since I am using document.querySelector for this, fix will work on browsers that support document.querySelector (almost all plus IE >= 9)


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