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DNN module uninstall how to remove settings from web.config


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I have a DNN manifest file with this:

<node path="/configuration/appSettings" action="update" key="key"    collision="overwrite">
<add key="LocalCurrencyCode" value="ARS"/>

and for uninstall I have this:

<node path="/configuration/appsettings/add[@name='LocalCurrencyCode']" action="remove" />

However, when I uninstall the module the setting is not removed from web.config. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?


Fixed it:

              <node path="/configuration/appSettings/add[@key='InvoiceEmailSubject']" action="remove" />

Turns out that I needed "appSettings" because xml nodes are case sensitive. I also needed to use @key= as provided by Dexterity above.


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