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Export query result in Pervasive to txt / csv file


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I'm using Pervasive 10 with PCC (Pervasive Control Center) and I need to export a lot of results (over 100 000) to a TXT file.

I know it's possible "Execute in Text" but this feature does not work for me because after exporting about 20 000 records the program stops.
I have also changed the settings in PCC (Windows->Preferences->Text Output-> Maximun number of rows to display = 500,000).

Anyone know a way to export my query result to a txt file?


You should be able to use the Export Data function. Right click on the table name in the PCC and select Export Data. From there, you can either execute the standard "select * from " or make a more complex query to pull only the data you need. You can set the delimiter to Comma, Tab, or Colon.


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