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Skip “” and redirect to federated ADFS


Tag: single-page-application,claims-based-identity,azure-active-directory,adal,office365-apps

Any suggestion on how to skip the selection of login url (home realm?)


In OAuth2 and OpenId Connect you do so by passing the target domain in the “domain_hint” parameter. In ADAL you can pass it via the following:

AuthenticationResult ar =
                    new Uri("http://any"), PromptBehavior.Always, 
                    UserIdentifier.AnyUser, "");

In the OWIN middleware for OpenId Connect you can do the same in the RedirectToIdentityProvider notification:

    new OpenIdConnectAuthenticationOptions
        ClientId = clientId,
        Authority = authority,
        PostLogoutRedirectUri = postLogoutRedirectUri,
        Notifications = new OpenIdConnectAuthenticationNotifications()
            RedirectToIdentityProvider = (context) => 
                context.ProtocolMessage.DomainHint = ""; 
                return Task.FromResult(0); 

Finally, in WS-Fed you do the following:

   new WsFederationAuthenticationOptions
      Notifications = new WsFederationAuthenticationNotifications
         RedirectToIdentityProvider = (context) =>
            context.ProtocolMessage.Whr = "";
            return Task.FromResult(0);

So, if your are using ADAL js, just add to your ADAL init:

extraQueryParameter: '' 


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Skip “” and redirect to federated ADFS

Any suggestion on how to skip the selection of login url (home realm?)

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