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How to migrate from SimpleMembership to ASP.NET.Identity



Migrating from MVC4 to MVC5 and want to use ASP.NET Identity too but I am struggling to find anything that covers everything I think I need to do to migrate the Identity. This link suggests all I need to do is create an ApplicationUser and migrate the data, and other web searches give me sql scripts and passowrd hashing advice. But there are other loose ends that I'd like to clear up before I jump in.

First - I have code to initialise the membership system in my Seed method:

if (!WebSecurity.Initialized)
        autoCreateTables: true);

So that needs to go right?

Second - it looks like I need an IdentityDbContext. So should I change my existing context to inherit that?

i.e. instead of my current code public class SID2013Context : DbContext do this: public class SID2013Context : IdentityDbContext<ApplicationUser>

Will that generate a migration that creates the new tables I need to support ASP.NET Identity?

Once I've done that I should be able to pull in the AccountController, Views, ViewModels and start up code that is generated for an MVC5 project.

Can anyone answer the specific questions here and/or point me to a better resource?


I realised that the website I linked to in my question is telling you how to migrate to Identity tables, but still use SimpleMembership. I want to use Identity throughout, so I created an empty MVC application using Visual Studio so that I could copy in the code I wanted and fix it up. Here are the steps I followed to get Login and Logout working:

  1. Added ApplicationUser.cs to my Models project
  2. Added IdentityConfig.cs to my App_Start folder
  3. Added Startup.Auth.cs to my App_Start folder
  4. Added AccountController.cs to my Controllers folder (renamed existing controller)
  5. Added Startup.cs to root folder
  6. Added AccountViewModels.cs to ViewModels folder
  7. Changed my context to inherit IdentityDbContext (it does indeed mean that new tables are created in a migration)
  8. Added the required NuGet packages and fixed up all the namespaces
  9. Project now builds
  10. But Add-Migration gave an error ... "EntityType IdentityUserRole has no key defined"
  11. ....solved that by adding a call to base.OnModelCreating in my override
  12. Add-Migration & Update-Database - adds the tables required
  13. Added my custom fields in UserProfile to ApplicationUser and updated the database
  14. Used sql (in a migration) to copy data from old tables to new tables. Sql included here. NB need to populate SecurityStamp with a Guid to prevent error during Login
  15. That's got Login and Logout working
  16. Removed UserProfile, SimpleRoleProvider and RoleManager classes - replacing the code where necessary.
  17. Removed references to WebMatrix.Data and WebMatrix.WebData dlls
  18. Removed <roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider="simple"> and <membership defaultProvider="simple"> from web.config

Sql used in step 14:

INSERT INTO dbo.aspnetusers (id
, email
, emailconfirmed
, passwordhash
, securitystamp
, phonenumber
, phonenumberconfirmed
, twofactorenabled
, lockoutenddateutc
, lockoutenabled
, accessfailedcount
, username
, organisationid
, firstname
, lastname
, inactive)
        u.username Email,
        m.isconfirmed EmailConfirmed,
        m.password PasswordHash,
        --SignInManager.PasswordSignInAsync (used in Login method) 
        --throws an exception
        NEWID() SecurityStamp, 
        u.telephone PhoneNumber,
            WHEN u.telephone IS NULL THEN 0
            ELSE 1
        END PhoneNumberConfirmed,
        0 TwoFactorEnabled,
        NULL LockoutEndDateUtc,
        0 LockoutEnabled,
        m.passwordfailuressincelastsuccess AccessFailedCount,
    FROM dbo.userprofiles u
        INNER JOIN dbo.webpages_membership m
            ON m.userid =
    FROM dbo.aspnetusers
    WHERE id =

INSERT INTO dbo.aspnetroles (id
, name)
    FROM dbo.webpages_roles r
    FROM dbo.aspnetroles
    WHERE roleid = r.roleid)

 INSERT INTO dbo.aspnetuserroles (userid
    , roleid)
        FROM dbo.webpages_usersinroles ur
        FROM dbo.aspnetuserroles
        WHERE userid = ur.userid
        AND roleid = ur.roleid)


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