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Decorate each item resolved in a collection with Castle Windsor


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Suppose I have an interface with multiple base implementations:

interface IPrinter
    void Print();

class Printer1 : IPrinter
    public void Print()

class Printer2 : IPrinter
    public void Print()

I also have a decorator implementation:

class ModifyingPrinter : IPrinter
    private readonly IPrinter _printer;

    public ModifyingPrinter(IPrinter printer)
        _printer = printer;

    public void Print()
        Console.Write("Modified ");

Finally, I have a service which requires a collection of the interface:

class Service
    private readonly IEnumerable<IPrinter> _printers;
    public Service(IEnumerable<IPrinter> printers)
        _printer = printer;

    public void Print()
        foreach (var printer in _printer)

What I'd like is for Service to have Printer1 and Printer2 in the collection, each decorated with ModifyingPrinter so that the output of Service.Print() is:

Modified Printer1
Modified Printer2

I've tried registering the classes as follows:

var container = new WindsorContainer();

    new CollectionResolver(container.Kernel, true));



But this results in the following output:

Modified Printer1

It appears that Windsor's CollectionResolver is supplying one each of all implementations of IPrinter (which is understandable) instead of recognizing that ModifyingPrinter is a decorator and using it to wrap the other two implementations.

My question: Is there a way to register these classes so that the collection contains only decorated base implementations?

I read in another post somewhere that I can create an interceptor and register Printer1 and Printer2 with the interceptor, but I'd like to keep to the decorator pattern if I can.


As it turns out, Castle.Windsor cannot do what I'm looking for out of the box. I tried looking into creating a new resolver to handle this scenario, but didn't get very far.

In the end, I restructured to use a true factory to decorate the classes.

class PrinterModifierFactory : IPrinterModifierFactory
    private Func<IPrinter, IPrinter> _decorate;
    private IEnumerable<IPrinter> _printers;

    public PrinterModifierFactory(Func<IPrinter, IPrinter> decorate,
                                  IEnumerable<IPrinter> printers)
        _decorate = decorate;
        _printers = printers;

    public IEnumerable<IPrinter> GetAll()
        return _printers.Select(_decorate);

Then I modified my service to simply receive and instance of this factory (via the interface, of course) instead of the IEnumerable<IPrinter>.

class Service
    private readonly IEnumerable<IPrinter> _printers;
    private IPrinterModifierFactory factory;

    public Service(IPrinterModifierFactory factory)
        _factory = factory;

    public void Print()

        foreach (var printer in _printers)

    void _Initialize()
        if (_printers != null) return;

        _printers = factory.GetAll().ToList();

(I've omitted details like null checks for brevity.)

Finally, in the installer, I could register the factory and the decorating method.

Func<IPrinter, IPrinter> decorator = p => new ModifyingPrinter(p);
container.Register(Component.For<Func<IPrinter, IPrinter>>()

The answer was to be a bit more explicit in my architecture.


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