opencart2.x , Issue in defining custom variable & showing in category page in opencart

Issue in defining custom variable & showing in category page in opencart


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I am facing 1 weird issue in opencart. My version is

My approach to show any custom variable's value in header & footer is....I go to language file & add a variable there then in controller file with $data['...'] & then use that variable in view file.

But my issue here is I can not do this for category page. I wrote a variable in 1) language/english/product/category.php then in 2) catalog/controller/product/category.php & then in 3) template/product/category.tpl but that variable is not coming & instead giving error that.....that variable is not defined so what should I do to achieve that?



If you installed any extension that modified category, then check if there is a category.php file there, if so, modify that file instead.



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Issue in defining custom variable & showing in category page in opencart

I am facing 1 weird issue in opencart. My version is My approach to show any custom variable's value in header & footer is....I go to language file & add a variable there then in controller file with $data['...'] & then use that variable in view file. But my...

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