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I have two columns "ID_TT" in select values 1 and "ID_ARC" in select values 2.

ID_TT has below values




ID_ARC has below values




I need to merge these two . I used calculator but it does not work. How can we solve this.

output must be




enter image description here


Here is the solution. I think its useful to you

enter image description here

If you follow above step you can get that result like these.


enter image description here

Thank you.


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I have two columns "ID_TT" in select values 1 and "ID_ARC" in select values 2. ID_TT has below values [blank] 121 [blank] ID_ARC has below values 146 [blank] 171 I need to merge these two . I used calculator but it does not work. How can we solve this. output...

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I have one text file and I want to split this file into multiple output files on the basis of dates. Dates Keywords 201506-17 iphone 5 201506-16 iphone 4 201506-15 iphone 3 201506-14 iphone 2 201506-13 iphone 1 ...

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The pentaho documentation ( specifies that, as of version 5.0, you can define "checkpoints" and "checkpoint logs" to let you restart ETL jobs from the most recently failed point so you don't have to go back and re-run a bunch of steps that already completed successfully. I'm running Pentaho Data...

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we have set a check box parameter in Pentaho report designer . When we launch the report the check box is unchecked . what we want is , to set the default value of that Check box to be checked so when we launch the report we don't have to...

Pentaho Dimension lookup/update

I have seen Dimension Lookup/Update documentation here and a few other blogs. But I cannot seem to get a clear idea. I have a table with the following structure: Key Name Code Status IN Out Active The key name code status active comes from a csv file . I need...

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I'm new in BI world and I have a lot of questions. I have to do a BI home work project, so I decided to use: MYSQL (database) Pentaho Kettle (ETL) Pentaho schema workbench (star schema) QlikView (reporting) I have a dimension table which is SUPERMARKET and it's edited from...

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I have got a dimension tables with 1 million records which is SCD type 2.I am using pentaho Dimension lookup step for populating this dimension table. I am getting a version number,start date and end date. Now I want to populate the fact table based on the scd type2. What...

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My question is, how can I generate Pentaho Report Designer's saved .prpt file using java, without Report Designer itself? Is there any libraries for that? I need to generate those files programmatically, then later open using Report Designer and fix some values....

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I am importing text values into a transformation using a Fixed Width input step. Everything is coming in as a string. I want to convert some of the string values to integers with a decimal point at a specified spot. Here are some examples of the before (left hand side)...

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I have a csv file that is tared and zipped. So I have test.tar.gz. I would like, through text file input, read csv file. I try this tar:gz:file://C:/test/test.tar.gz!/test.tar! use wildcard like ".*\.csv". But it sometime can't read success. It throws Exception org.apache.commons.vfs.FileNotFolderException: Could not list the contents of "tar:gz:file:///C:/test/test.tar.gz!/test.tar!/" because...

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I have a transformation on Pentaho Data Integration where the first thing I do is I use the "CSV Input" to map my flat file. I've never had a problem with it on windows, but now I'm chaning my server that spoon is going to run to a linux server...

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I have two transformations in the job. In the first trasnformation - I get details about the file. Now I would like to pass this information to the second transformation, I have set variable in the settings parameters of the trasnformation #2 and use Get Variables inside - but the...

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I have to table student and record, the relationship is a student have many records (one to many). How I can represent a transformation on pentaho so that I can insert every line in the record table as an embedded document in the student document. All this is for migrate...

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I want to generate a date dynamically based on row numbers using pentaho pdi. for example: row 1 =====>Date=2015-06-08 **01**:56:30 row 2 =====>Date=2015-06-08 **02**:56:30 row 3 =====>Date=2015-06-08 **03**:56:30 row 4 =====>Date=2015-06-08 **04**:56:30 All my data come from an excel spreadsheet with row number and date fields and I want the...

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I look for a solution to perform SSIS lookup in Pentaho Data Integration. I'll try to explain with an exemple : I have two tables A and B. Here , data in table A : 1 2 3 4 5 Here , data in table B: 3 4 5 6...

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Is it possible to merge 2 facts tables to create a cube in a Mondrian schema example the case of sales and cost ?

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I have a transformation on Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) where the first thing I do is I use the "CSV Input" to map my flat file. I've never had a problem with this step on windows, but now I'm chaning the server where spoon is going to run to...

Increment the year by 1 if month is December

I passed the year and month separately as parameters in pentaho and add month by 1 and convert to date format. I wrote like this to join year, month and date. ('${year}' || '-' || '${month}'+1 || '-' || 1 )::date I need to increase the month by 1 from...

Implementing SCD Type 2 using Pentaho Kettle (Pentaho Data Integeration 5.2)

I am having a table, plan, with columns p_id,p_name,start_date,end_date,last_updated Problem Statement: when a customer changes from plan A to plan B, its end_date corresponding to plan A gets updated in the table and at the same time a new record for plan B inserted into the table. I am creating...

Execute .jar file in Spoon (Pentaho Kettle)

I need to execute a java jar file from Spoon. The program has only one class, and all I want is to run it with or without parameters. The class is named "Limpieza", and is inside a package named: com.overflow.csv.clean I have deploy the jar to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kettle\data-integration\lib And...

Pentaho: Insert a set of dynamic records into a database

Using Pentaho, I would like to SELECT a number of records from a database and INSERT them into another one. I have no problem with the first part and using Input Table step, I have selected my desired records. But I have no idea about how to develop a step...

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The task is to get file names from the folder and then loop the same task (job) over all the files one by one. I created a simple job with transformation (get files names) and then job with flag "Execute for each row" (now is just logging the name of...

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I'm trying since yesterday to use the function (A * B), very simple like operation, but it does not work. Any help! thank you.

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I am trying to import a certain .CSV file into my database using PDI (Kettle). Normally this would be rather easy, as you could just link up a CSV file input step with a Table output step and be good to go. However, the problem is that I don't know...

Dummy step is not work in Job

Each transformation will create an csv file in a folder, and I want to upload all of them when transformations done. I add a Dummy but the process didn't work as my expectation. Each transformation will execute Hadoop Copy Files step. Why? And how could I design the flow? Thanks....