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A user can either register themselves or can be created by another user. When a user is created, the CreateBy is set to the user who created the new user. When the user registers, we want to set the CreateBy to the user who is registering.

public class User
    int Id;
    string Username;
    User CreateBy;

public class UserMap : ClassMap<User>
    public UserMap()

If the db field 'CreateBy' is set to not null, how do we set the CreateBy to the user who is trying to register?

public class User : Auditable
    int Id;
    string Username;

public class Auditable :  IAuditable
    public virtual int CreatedBy { get; set; }

public class AuditEventListener : IPreInsertEventListener
    public bool OnPreInsert(PreInsertEvent @event)
        var audit = @event.Entity as IAuditable;
        if (audit == null)
            return false;

       var userId = [Your-current-user].Current().UserId; 
       Set(@event.Persister, @event.State, "CreatedBy", userId); 
       audit.CreatedBy= userId;    
       return false;

   private void Set(IEntityPersister persister, object[] state, string propertyName, object value)
       var index = Array.IndexOf(persister.PropertyNames, propertyName);
       if (index == -1)
       state[index] = value;

.ExposeConfiguration(cfg => cfg.EventListeners.PreInsertEventListeners = new IPreInsertEventListener[] { new Convention.AuditEventListener() })


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A user can either register themselves or can be created by another user. When a user is created, the CreateBy is set to the user who created the new user. When the user registers, we want to set the CreateBy to the user who is registering. public class User {...

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I have the association: TableA 1 --- * TableB I try to build a query, which returns me the list of the TableA items, whose ALL items (TableB) have a value in the column X and Y. But that query seems to be ignoring that not null condition in the...

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Learning NHibernate by following this tutorial Your first NHibernate based application and I got to the point where you call new SchemaExport(cfg).Execute(true, true, false); in a test method to export the schema (create the Product table) for verifying NHibernate was set up correctly [Test] public void Can_generate_schema() { var cfg...

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I have an object that is saved using Nhibernate. This object use a composite key and is declared like this : CompositeId() .KeyProperty(x => x.CreditorName) .KeyProperty(x => x.CreditorIBAN) .KeyReference(x => x.Config, "ProfileName"); Map(x => x.ID, "ID").ReadOnly(); Map(x => x.CreationDate, "CreationDate").Default(null); Map(x => x.ContractReference, "ContractReference"); Map(x => x.CreditorBIC, "CreditorBIC"); References<C_ContractType>(x =>...

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I am using GeneratedBy.HiLo(string table, string column, string maxLo, string where); for primary key. Currently I am looking for possibility how to load maxLo from table rather than store it as a constant in code. Value for NextHi is loaded from database table (ok, it must be otherwise whole concept...

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I'm trying to apply a filter to data from an NHibernate session using disjunctions and conjunctions. I have implemented this as follows: var disjunction = new Disjunction(); foreach (var entry in filterCriteria.SelectedCriteria) { var conjunction = Restrictions.Conjunction(); conjunction.Add(Restrictions.Eq("SourceAccount", entry.SourceAccount)); conjunction.Add(Restrictions.Eq("SourceItemId", entry.SourceItemId)); conjunction.Add(Restrictions.Eq("SourceProgram", entry.SourceProgram)); disjunction.Add(conjunction); }...

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The TL;DR version is this: I keep getting a NonUniqueObjectException when trying to delete an entity in a unit test. Can anyone tell me how NHibernate checks the cache and compares objects if it is not using the Equals methods or GetHashCode? I have an application I am trying to...

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