reactjs,require,fs , ReactJS errors with rendering basic html component via variable

ReactJS errors with rendering basic html component via variable


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I am trying to pass a string for the jsx template name to a component that will be responsible for just rendering basic html only components with no interaction (we have a lot).

'use strict';

import React from 'react';

export default class TemplateLoader extends React.Component {
  displayName = 'TemplateLoader'

  constructor(props) {

  render() {
    var template = require('./static-templates/'+this.props.template+'.jsx');
    return template(this);

and the output in the console is

Module parse failed: /Users/xxx/Sites/xxx/app/components/template-loader/static-templates/c017-top-phones-reasons.jsx Line 1: Unexpected token <
You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
| <div class="xxx">
| </div>;
 @ ./app/components/template-loader/static-templates ^\.\/.*\.jsx$

If I switch it to

'use strict';

import React from 'react';
import jsx from 'react-jsx';
import fs from 'fs';

export default class TemplateLoader extends React.Component {
  displayName = 'TemplateLoader'

  constructor(props) {

  render() {
    var file = fs.readFileSync('./static-templates/'+this.props.template+'.jsx');
    var template = jsx.server(file, 'utf-8');
    return template(this);

I get

Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory './static-templates/xxx.jsx'
    at Object.fs.openSync (fs.js:438:18)
    at Object.fs.readFileSync (fs.js:289:15)

As commented below my set out is web pack, we're using Splash Pages for as a base. I've added html-loader, file-loader, css-loader.

My config for files has

node: {
  fs: "empty"
module: {
  loaders: [
    { test: /\.html$/, loader: "html-loader" },
    { test: /\.(jpe?g|png|gif|svg|eot|woff|ttf)$/, loader: 'file-loader' },
    { test: /\.js$/, exclude: /node_modules/, loaders: ['react-hot-loader', 'babel-loader'] },
    { test: /\.json$/, exclude: /node_modules/, loader: 'json-loader' },
    { test: /\.scss$/, loader: 'style-loader!css-loader!sass-loader' },
    { test: /\.css$/, loader: 'style-loader!css-loader' },


1. Enable Compilation of .jsx files

Inform Webpack use babel-loader when it encounters files ending in .jsx. See

So either add the following to your list of loaders:

'{ test: /\.jsx$/, exclude: /node_modules/, loaders: ['react-hot-loader', 'babel-loader'] },'

or modify your existing test so that it catches both .js and .jsx:

{ test: /\.jsx?$/, exclude: /node_modules/, loaders: ['react-hot-loader', 'babel-loader'] },
              \- add x? here

Here, the ? mark operator in the test regular expression says "zero or one", so it captures both .js and .jsx.

2. Write your required modules according to CommonJS conventions

This won't work when you require it, because nothing is being exported. Everything in a CommonJS module is private to that module by default, you have to explicitly export whatever you want the caller of require to receive. So this will not work:

<div class="panel">


Instead, export the JSX expression:

module.exports = <div className="panel">
    I am static template 2!


Remember that in JSX, you're not using straight HTML. You need to use className rather than class. See for a list of other differences with "plain" HTML.

3. Make it work with React tooling

Now that you template is found, loaded, and compiled, it still won't render. You'll get this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: React is not defined or something like it. Let's take a look at the JavaScript that is generated by the babel-loader, which transforms JSX into plain old JavaScript:

"use strict";

module.exports = React.createElement(  // <-- error here
  { className: "panel" },
  "I am a static template 2!"

So the output of the JSX transform expects React to be in scope. This makes sense because JSX is just a convenience syntax for writing React.createElement(.... So finally, to make it all work together, your template needs to look like this:

import React from 'react';
// or var React = require('react');

module.exports = <div className="panel">
    I am a static template 2!

Caveat: I did not try to get this working with react-hot-loader directly, but it does work under webpack-dev-server, which I believe uses react-hot-loader. So this should work, but it it doesn't try removing react-hot-loader.

My working implementation looks like this. Note that I pass in the template as a prop rather than computing it within the component. I think this is more idiomatic React. Also this uses some new ES6 syntax for fun, but you're using babel so it should be okay. Not exactly what you are doing but close. One thing to note, it's probably better to call require once (in the constructor or in componentDidMount) rather than in the render function which can be called quite frequently.

var StaticTemplateComponent = React.createClass({
    render: function () {
        return this.props.template;

window.mountStaticComponent = (templateName, element) => {
    var templatePath = `./static-templates/${templateName}.jsx`;
    var template = require(templatePath);

    var staticTemplateComponent = React.createElement(StaticTemplateComponent, {template: template});
    React.render(staticTemplateComponent, element);

4. Automatically wrap your static templates in the required CommonJS

Out of scope for the question, and left as an exercise to the reader. It should be possible to write a custom webpack loader that automatically wraps your templates in the appropriate import/export statements. Bonus points for automatically transforming HTML5 into compliant JSX.

As far as why it doesn't work with jsx.server, I've never used it. Based on the error I would guess it's looking in the wrong directory for your files, so again, probably a configuration issue.


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