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Objectify: Filter by an attribute of collection entries?


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I'm using Objectify on Google's AppEngine. I have the following Entity-Model:

public class ChallengeEntity {

    private Long id;

    public List<ChallengeParticipant> participants;

The Participant (not an entity... should it be one?)

public class ChallengeParticipant {
    public Ref<UserEntity> user;

    // ... participant-specific attributes

And the User-Entity:

public class UserEntity {

    Long id;

    public String email = "";

Now how would I find all challenges for a given user-email? Something along:

ofy().load().type(ChallengeEntity.class).filter("", "[email protected]")

I am willing to adapt my entity-model to GAE's needs... how may I support this query efficiently and keep a nice model?

Thanks alot


Assuming your list of ChallengeParticipant is reasonably bounded (a few hundred at most) and you aren't at risk of hitting the 1M per-entity size limit, you're probably best leaving it as embedded.

To perform your query, first lookup the person by email, then filter by person:

UserEntity user = // load user (or get the key) by email
ofy().load().type(ChallengeEntity.class).filter("participants.user", user);

Note that you need to @Index the ChallengeParticipant.user field, not the ChallengeEntity.participants list.


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