jquery-animate , To start an animate function after finishing the other element (jQuery)

To start an animate function after finishing the other element (jQuery)


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I'm really afraid of asking questions here because anytime I have asked all attacks were on me but:

$("#button1").animate({width: "250px"}, 5000);
$("#button1").ready(function(){$("#div").animate({width: "400px"}, 5000);});        

Please help me, I want this: when I click on button2, it will animate div however I want to animate button1 and after finishing that, start animating div (NOT at same time). Thanks and Appreciation!


You can use .queue() function:

   $("#button1").animate({width: "250px"}, 5000).queue(function() {
     $("#div").animate({width: "400px"}, 5000);   


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I am having some serious issues making the JQuery queue work. All the defined functions execute at once, so the class change occurs before the animation- we want it to fade out, then change class, THEN fade back in. function animatePlusMinus(){ if ($(this).hasClass("ui-icon-minus")) { $(this).queue("goPlus",function(next) { $(this).fadeOut(500); next(); }) .queue("goPlus",...

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my aim is change and animate an element (in the case a <h2> and <p>) on the hover of another element (a <div>), to return to it's prior state when un-hovered and for the animation to stop when hovered on another (<div>) element. I've achieved changing the contents and animating...

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Here is the spinet: $('#processing .progress-bar').animate({'width':'60%'},4000); Is it possible to display how the milliseconds are being countdown by the function? for instance I want to be able to display: 4000 3000 2000 1000 0000 then the function stops...

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I'm trying to make an animation of a block moving around the window randomly until you click on it, at which point it will disappear and another block will appear. However I'm getting a weird problem where the block will jump around the screen sometimes instead of sliding around. Not...

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I've got a grid of several <rect> elements inside an SVG. I'm trying to offset the elements based on the position of my mouse. So when my mouse is within a certain range of the element, the element moves away from my mouse. Items closer to the mouse should move...

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I have two animations: $("#div1").animate({scrollTop:$("#div1").width()},1000); this one animates the scroll of the div to the bottom most point. While the 2nd one, $("#div1").animate({scrollTop:0},1000); animates it back to the top. Now, I want to run these animations alternatively, like the css animations has the alternate mode. Which means as soon as...

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When I hover an item, something else should be visible. This works, but how can I animate it? I want it to fade in instead of becoming plain visible. function toggle(){ var workshopscontainer = document.getElementById("workshops-container"); workshopscontainer.classList.toggle("toggle"); } $(".clip").hover(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); toggle(); }); This is the javascript code I'm using to...

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I am new to jquery and am currently trying to set a variable equal to the height of some div with id="thing" before animating another div with class=".init_leftbar" by the same quantity. var iHeight = $("#thing").height(); $(".init_leftbar").animate({top: iHeight + "px"}); However, this does not seem to be working. if I...

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I'm using the solution here to plot a speedometer gauge. This is built with Flot charts. I'm trying to animate the movement of the needle. I want the needle to move slowly from start to end. Here is what I have so far. updatePlot = function(actual_length){ var data = [[0,0],positionOnArc(actual_length...

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I'm building some type of one-bar jQuery chart, everything goes well except for filling animation, with my script all the sections animate in the same time. I want to make each section to animate, complete, wait 0.1 sec then pass the the next. $('#chart .chart-item').each(function() { $(this).animate({ width: $(this).data('w') +...

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here is my problem... Can you help me please? $(".button").hover(function(){ $('.class').css({opacity: 1.0, visibility: "hidden"}).animate({opacity: 0}, 1200); },function(){ $('.class').css({opacity: 0.0, visibility: "visible"}).animate({opacity: 1}, 1200); }); It only animates when it is appearing. :-(...

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Please see this fiddle I have set up. You are first confronted by three links. Each link triggers divs to slide out. The link 'john smith' slides out and in at the speed we want. When it slides out the first line slides out then when that is completed the...

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I'm trying to animate a box to the center of the screen's width using jquery with .css that will respond to browser size adjustment but I can't seem to get it to respond right in the center without refreshing the browser. Here's the code: <div class="box"></div> .box { position: absolute;...