google-webmaster-tools , Have google finding .com instead of .ru

Have google finding .com instead of .ru


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We have one site with some domains like,,,

When entered into a Google search for our site, it finds, but not .com, and all domains are redirecting to

We have robots.txt and sitemap.xml added to the website. Yandex and Yahoo searches correctly points to


According to Google's content guidelines, you can use a canonical URL to setting a preferred domain, and also do this with Google webmaster tools.

Put this link in your site header:

<link rel="canonical" href="">


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Have google finding .com instead of .ru

We have one site with some domains like,,, When entered into a Google search for our site, it finds, but not .com, and all domains are redirecting to We have robots.txt and sitemap.xml added to the website. Yandex and Yahoo searches correctly points to...

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