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Error With Google Webfont Not Loading Characters


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On my site I am using the Google Font Roboto. I noticed in several places the following:� or what I call a question mark in a black diamond. (Does this symbol have a name?)

I typically see this when a font doesn't have a character it can render, however, this doesn't appear to be the case in this instance. It happens in a few instance. One of them is when there is an extra space the other I have seen is when I use the § symbol.

I tested Roboto using the § symbol with a type tester and it works just fine.

Why doesn't it work on my site? What is going wrong?


I am unsure why this is happening and would still love an answer but I found a solution that I am using in the mean time.

It appears to have have happened with content that was copied into my text. For spaces or other symbols were this appears (such as - or / I am just retyping the character. For the § symbol I replaced it with the HTML character § (or you can use §) and this has solved the issue.


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