input,scripting,path,arguments,sh , Bourne shell, script to compile file path then to pass it to a program

Bourne shell, script to compile file path then to pass it to a program


Tag: input,scripting,path,arguments,sh

There is a program to be called from command line, no GUI. Results of its operation are sent to disk. Program consumes a file path as one of its input arguments. Furthermore several option values are passed to this program as input arguments as well. All this along with Bourne shell on embedded linux based device.

The file path includes white spaces so it needs to be quoted. In most its sections it will practically never change. However there are few sections in the path (a sub-directory of certain level and parts of file name) which will change program invocation by invocation.

The program is going to be invoked from a script instead of directly from shell to avoid typing of all the input arguments on every call. The script should also help to parameterize the file path. Means non-fixed sections of file path are to be passed to script as its input argument, the script's job will be to compile whole file path from received input argument and the fixed strings and call the program with all required input values.

Now imagine please the program's name is curl. And the path is an URL to a download file on mozilla ftp server. Script in its current version accomplishes the job in following fashion.

curl --remote-name-all --user use:passk ''$1'/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup '$1'.exe'

--remote-name-all is of little significance here --user use:passk is of little significance here

It produces results as expected. However I am not sure if this is the state of the art to accomplish the aimed goal. Also what are the caveats of this solution?


The shell quoting is weird and not portable, better use :

curl --remote-name-all \
    --user use:passk \

%20 is an URI escape for space (if not a typo in your post).


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