ada,gnat , How to install ADA IDE and compiler on mac (OSX)?

How to install ADA IDE and compiler on mac (OSX)?


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I downloaded GNAT ADA GPL 2014 and now trying to install on my Mac.

The directions below are the ones I am following but I do not know where to look to find the file called "doinstall", I might need some help after finding it still but can anyone help me out here?

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains a file called: doinstall

  2. Enter: sudo mkdir /usr/local/gnat

  3. Enter: sudo ./doinstall

  4. Update your path as needed for your shell


You should have downloaded gnat-gpl-2014-x86_64-darwin-bin.tar.gz.

Go to some temporary directory (I use ~/tmp):

cd ~/tmp

Unpack the download, which creates a directory gnat-gpl-2014-x86_64-darwin-bin containing the binary distribution to be installed:

tar zxvf ~/Downloads/gnat-gpl-2014-x86_64-darwin-bin.tar.gz

Enter that directory, which contains (amongst others) doinstall:

cd gnat-gpl-2014-x86_64-darwin-bin

Execute doinstall to enter the installation dialog:

sudo ./doinstall

Remove the unpacked download:

cd ..
rm -rf gnat-gpl-2014-x86_64-darwin-bin

Now you can update PATH as needed for your shell.


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