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Saving an XFA form from Javascript


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I am creating an XFA form using Livecycle and Javascript. Is there a way to save a form from script?


I ended up using: app.execMenuItem("SaveAs");


Adobe LiveCycle. Conditional character limit based on option selected from radio button

I have a radio button that the user has to choose either A or B. Depending on the choice I would like it to affect the character limits for the rest of the form. Sample code from the internet that controls the character limit from the form (Source: Assure Dynamics)....

Adobe LiveCycle Flowed Form page margins

I am using Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2 to create a PDF for a survey. I've managed to create the form from scratch using Flowed content boxes to allow the fields to dynamically expand so that I can print out the survey later. The issue I am having right now...

Leading Zero with Numeric Field in PDF using LiveCycle

Working on Live Cycle forms, and that form has one Numeric field with 10 digit max, and that single field is broken in to 10 each field (using Comb of property) That Field value contains the some Account information and can contains zero in front of that value. say '0098887679'...

Livecycle RegExp - trouble with decimal

Within Livecycle, I am validating that the number entered is a 0 through 10 and allows quarter hours. With the help of this post, I've written the following. if (!xfa.event.newText.match(/^(([10]))$|^((([0-9]))$|^((([0-9]))\.?((25)|(50)|(5)|(75)|(0)|(00))))$/)) { xfa.event.change = ""; }; The problem is periods are not being accepted. I have tried wrapping the \. in...

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I am creating a PDF form in Adobe LiveCycle that has sections that can be check boxed "None" and the section (subform(s)) will "disappear" (become hidden). This is done in the Action Builder with the condition when check box is checked, set the visibility of the subform to hidden. There...

How to rename a field name in a XFA pdf file?

I need to generate (via pdf mail merge) IRS forms with data. Most everything works except for the fact that, for some reason, IRS has a few fields with the same names in the XFA pdf. Is there a way to rename the duplicate field names with a tool or...

Load PDF to MemoryStream in VB.NET,pdf,xfa
I'm using this code to read my XFA data to my application. However, I cannot figure out how to load the populatedPDFFrom to the application. Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim filePath As String filePath = "d:\waiver_testing\test_pdf\rfrprg67.pdf" TextBox1.Text = Export(filePath) End Sub Public Shared...

Compiling example program supplied by itext

java,xml,pdf,itext,xfa I have downloaded Itext example program and try to test it on my computer. Want to test that i can flattern the XFA form I have created using PDFBox library provided by Apache. I want to flatten my PDF so they can be joined into one pdf file. Below...