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Hello World Backbone Router Not Working


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I'm trying to create the hello world of Backbone apps.

Here is my coffeescript file:

window.App =
  initialize: ->
    router = Backbone.Router.extend
      index: ->
        alert "hi, i am your working router"

$(document).ready ->

This is hooked to a rails app and visiting the root url (localhost:3000) does not trigger the alert.


You were almost there. When you define a router you also need to create a new instance of it before it will actually listen to the Backbone history stuff.

window.App =
  initialize: ->

    # Define the class on window.App
    window.App.AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend
      index: ->
        alert "hi, i am your working router"

    # Actually initialize an instance of it
    window.App.router = new window.App.AppRouter

$(document).ready ->


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