twitter-bootstrap,datatables , default order and search for datatable boostrap

default order and search for datatable boostrap


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I want to make my datatable bootstrap has the default in descending order and also you can see the search field to filter well as its pagination

But when I put the default order according to documentation the search field is hidden and the pagination

this is my code for order column but the search and pagination not visible

$(document).ready(function() {
     //uncoment for default order desc

    "sDom": "<'row'<'col-lg-11'i><'col-lg-1'>r>t<'row'<'col-lg-6'l><'col-lg-6'p>>",
        "order":[[3, 'desc']]


When I commento this code , the pagination and search show

"sDom": "<'row'<'col-lg-11'i><'col-lg-1'>r>t<'row'<'col-lg-6'l><'col-lg-6'p>>",
            "order":[[3, 'desc']]

The example is here


It's simple! Try this please! Work it.

$(document).ready(function() {
        "sDom": "<'row'<'col-lg-8'i><'col-lg-4'f>r>t<'row'<'col-lg-6'l><'col-lg-6'p>>",
            "order":[3, 'desc']


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