inno-setup , Inno Setup CreateInputQueryPage insert text between input boxes

Inno Setup CreateInputQueryPage insert text between input boxes


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I have created the following custom Input Query Page:

PasswordPage := CreateInputQueryPage(wpSelectComponents,
  'Installation Validation', 'Please enter either the password or unlock code to continue?',
  'This installation type is protected for licensing reasons. Please enter either the password or unlock code, then click Next.' + #13#10 + #13#10 + 'Installation ID: ' + FindVolumeSerial('C:\'));
PasswordPage.Add('Password:', True);
PasswordPage.Add('Unlock Code:', False);

Is it possible to modify the existing page to move the Installation ID from where it is currently above the Password input box and insert it above the Unlock Code input box or does this require a completely custom designed page? If so, what would be the best way to go about creating it?


Here is the code I decided to use in the end:

PasswordPage := CreateInputQueryPage(wpSelectComponents,
  'Installation Validation', 'Please enter either the password or unlock code to continue?',
  'This installation type is protected for licensing reasons. Please enter either the password or unlock code, then click Next.'
PasswordPage.Add('Password:', True);
PasswordPage.Add('Or Installation ID ' + FindVolumeSerial('C:\') + ' and' + #13#10 + #13#10 + 'Unlock Code:', False);


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Is it possible to disable the dropdown menu that appears on the Select Components page of the installer? Will this negatively affect anything or can the user be fine with just checking the components he/she wants manually?

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I've tried to install my software built on Windows 7 on a PC having windows 8 and it failed. Unfortunately it was not an English Win8-Version so the error message told something like "Can't continue because the device is not identified". The message came right after starting the installer (exe-file)....

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I have an Inno-setup script with a components page with checkboxs and a combobox. I want to unchecked and disable some components from the Code section, I used this answer to do it and I have now this code : [Setup] AppName=My Program AppVersion=1.5 DefaultDirName={pf}\My Program DefaultGroupName=My Program UninstallDisplayIcon={app}\MyProg.exe OutputDir=userdocs:Inno...

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Tasks can be set to display dependent on the component selected by simply listing Components: a b c etc and can be set to not be checked by default by specifying Flags: unchecked. However, there doesn't appear to be a way run a conditional check using Code to have a...

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Any time i try to compile this code, a get an error msg -> Type mismatch. Why? The first variant is called with the same "nil" and the compiler has no problem with it, but with the last? [Setup] AppName=MyApp AppVerName=MyApp DefaultDirName={pf}\MyApp DefaultGroupName=MyApp OutputDir=. [Code] function URLDownloadToCacheFile(const lpUnkcaller: variant; const...