cmd , How to print “Folder” for TRUE and “File” for FALSE in final output .csv file while run command @isdir

How to print “Folder” for TRUE and “File” for FALSE in final output .csv file while run command @isdir


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I have .bat file with the following code

forfiles /S /C "cmd /c echo @path,@IsDir" >> "%dpath%" 2>&1.

The resultant .csv file reports "True" for Directory(folders) and "False" for all non directories(file).

I would like the output to report "Folder" instead of "True", and "File" instead of "False".


The obvious solution is to add an IF statement, but the more efficient solution is to define variables for TRUE and FALSE and let variable expansion produce the result.

set "true=Folder"
set "false=File"
forfiles /S /C "cmd /c echo @path,%%@IsDir"%%>> "%dpath%" 2>&1.


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