jqgrid,pager , How to change pager jqgrid font size?

How to change pager jqgrid font size?


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I want to change the font which displays the number of records in the table. (View 1 - 10 of 13)--> that font specifically


If you want to change the CSS of whole text View 1 - 10 of 13 you should override jqGrid default CSS with your own ,

   font-size: 20px;

See the working example here

But , If you only want to change the CSS of numbers only 13 then you should add a jqGrid property for specifying the view record format using ,

recordtext: "View {0} - {1} of <span style=' font-size: 20px;'>{2}</span>",

See the working example here

Hope this is what you want.


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i have set , editoptions: { aysnc: true, dataUrl: 'ControllerName/MethodName?__SessionKey=' + sessionkey + "&Id=" + Id, buildSelect: buildSelectFromJson, style: "width: calc(100% - 65px);", dataEvents: [ { type: 'change', fn: function (e) {} } ] } in which buildSelectFromJson returns select list in html. Now dataurl hits server for each row...

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I'm using a jqGrid with datatype: 'local'. The data of the grid is being set dynamically via addRowData. I don't use the asynchronous ajax stuff such as url + datatype: json because the grid has to display only client state. Now I want to use the jqGrid delete row functionality...

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I'm looking for a way to use the beforeShowForm event when opening the edit dialog on a struts2-jquery grid. I want to be able to add custom fields to the edit dialog. <sjg:grid altRows="false" id="gridtable" dataType="json" editurl="%{editurl}" filter="true" filterOptions="{stringResult:true}" gridModel="gridModel" height="600" href="%{remoteurl}" loadonce="true" navigator="true" navigatorAdd="%{editPermission}" navigatorAddOptions="{reloadAfterSubmit:true,addCaption:'Add Record'}" navigatorDelete="false" navigatorEdit="%{editPermission}"...