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Named Set using iif in mdx


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Ι am trying to make calculated dimension attribute using a named set but I am not very familiar with mdx. I want the attribute to contain a description based on the values of 4 different attributes. What I have tried to use is the following code but it must have invalid syntax (gives an error).

create set [pet types]

iif([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Pet].&[Yes],
    iif([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Cat].&[Yes],
        iif([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Dog].&[Yes],
            iif([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Other Pet].&[Yes],
                "Multiple Pets","Cat and Dog"),
    iif([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Dog].&[Yes] 
        and [Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Pet].&[Yes],
        "Dog and other Pet","Dog")),
"No Pet")


To improve readability (but it decreases scalability) I'd rather use matrix of states with a coefficient of each hierarchy's member: Pets Matrix

Than add several members with their weights:

CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].[Has Pet Value] as
IIF([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Pet].CurrentMember
 IS [Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Pet].&[Yes],8,0);

CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].[Has Cat Value] as
IIF([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Cat].CurrentMember
 IS [Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Cat].&[Yes],4,0);

CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].[Has Dog Value] as
IIF([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Dog].CurrentMember
 IS [Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Dog].&[Yes],2,0);

CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].[Has Other Pet Value] as
IIF([Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Other Pet].CurrentMember
 IS [Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Other Pet].&[Yes],1,0);

And last two members: 1) for support, 2) to get desirable result.

CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].[Pet Types Value] as
([Measures].[Has Pet Value]
+[Measures].[Has Cat Value]
+[Measures].[Has Dog Value]
+[Measures].[Has Other Pet Value]);

case [Measures].[Pet Types Value]
    when 15 then "Multiple Pets"
    when 14 then "Cat and Dog"
    when 13 then "Cat and other Pet"
    when 12 then "Cat"
    when 11 then "Dog and other Pet"
    when 10 then "Dog"
    else "No Pet" end;

Adding another dimension/hierarchy for analysis (let's say [Vw Cube Customer Dim].[Has Bird].&[Yes]) may cause adding new member with next weight (16 in this example) and recalculate [Pet Types Value] and [Pet Types].


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