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Get label of when using on Map


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I am trying to get the label of <p:selectOneMenu> when using <f:selectItems> on a Map.


<p:selectOneMenu id="console" value="#{formBean.userRegion}" style="width:125px">
    <f:selectItems value="#{formBean.region.regions}"></f:selectItems>


private Region region; //where region.getRegions() is LinkedHashMap   

public void regionChanged(AjaxBehaviorEvent e) {

//it prints map element value but I need element name
            System.out.println("userRegion= " + userRegion);



How can I achieve this?


This suggests that the model is broken. You should instead of a Map<K, V> have a List<Region> where the Region is an entity having K and V properties (and rename that backing bean currently having the class name Region).

Otherwise, just loop through the map to get the key by value.


public static <K, V> K getKey(Map<K, V> map, V value) {
    for (Entry<K, V> entry : map.entrySet()) {
        if (entry.getValue().equals(value)) {
            return entry.getKey();

    return null;

Which you then use as

String key = getKey(region.getRegions(), userRegion);

But, again, your model is broken. Better fix the model straight away instead of introducing ugly workarounds.


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