gradle , methodMissing no longer being called on extension after upgrading to Gradle 2.2

methodMissing no longer being called on extension after upgrading to Gradle 2.2


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Our build uses a custom plugin extension in gradle that has dynamic methods. This worked fine in gradle 2.1, but methodMissing is no longer called in 2.2 and I get the following exception (here's the caused by part):

Caused by: org.gradle.api.internal.MissingMethodException: Could not find method common() for arguments [api] on org.gradle.api.interna[email protected]1bef1304.
at org.gradle.api.internal.AbstractDynamicObject.methodMissingException(
at org.gradle.api.internal.AbstractDynamicObject.invokeMethod(
at org.gradle.api.internal.CompositeDynamicObject.invokeMethod(
at org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dsl.DefaultComponentModuleMetadataHandler_Decorated.invokeMethod(Unknown Source)

How do I get dynamic functions working in our build system with gradle 2.2?

The Background:

These dynamic methods are used for several things, but one is to simplify how projects depend on other projects (it is a very large system with over 80 subprojects that each may have multiple named APIs (public, internal, add-on, etc)).

This is my Plugin's apply:

void apply(Project project) {
   project.subprojects.each { subproject ->
      subproject.extensions.create("modules", ModuleExtension.class ) }

ModuleExtension has no variables or functions other than methodMissing:

def methodMissing(String name, args)
    //return project dependency based on name/args. This no longer gets called in 2.2!

Sample usage in a gradle file:

dependencies {
   compile module.nameOfModule( "name of api" )

I've also overrode the following in ModuleExtension just to see if they are getting called, but they are not:

def invokeMethod(String name, args)
def propertyMissing(String name)
def propertyMissing(String name, value)


I'm actually unable to reproduce this issue in Gradle 2.2. However, this is a somewhat misuse of Gradle extensions. If you simply want a globally available object I would simply add it as a project extra property. This has the added benefit of not having to be created for every subproject, since projects inherit properties from their parent.

ext {
    modules = new ModuleExtension()

Edit: This is due to the new support for module replacements introduced in Gradle 2.2. The symbol modules within a dependencies block now delegates to a ComponentModuleMetadataHandler rather than your extension. You'll either have to rename your extension something other than modules or qualify the call by using project.modules.nameOfModule.


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