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Two sets specified in the function have different dimensionality


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I have a basic query and having trouble understand exactly what this error means.

Select {[Dim Date].[Date].[Date],[Measures].[Quantity]} on columns


It's not error, but wrong query.

I believe error is:

Members, tuples or sets must use the same hierarchies in the function.

In other words, Set and Member used as a Set.

[Dim Date].[Date].[Date] - it's a set of Level Date's members. E.g. {2/1/2015, 2/2/2015, 2/3/2015} and so on.

[Measures].[Quantity] - it's a member Quantity of special dimension Measures.

Here is list of fails in your query and possible solutions:

1) [Measures].[Quantity] should be on another axis (e.g. , [Measures].[Quantity] on rows)

Select {[Dim Date].[Date].[Date]} on columns
,[Measures].[Quantity] on rows

2) Or you're trying to use aggregation function without determining itself. Let's say SUM:

with member [Measures].[Test]
as SUM({[Dim Date].[Date].[Date]},[Measures].[Quantity])

Select {[Dim Date].[Date].[Date]} on columns
,[Measures].[Test] on rows


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