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Replace Null value with string in ssrs expression


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I have a row group of STATUS fields. There is a group that returns null that I would like to change to chat. I have tried:

=Iif(IsNothing(Fields!STATUS.Value), "Chat", Fields!STATUS.Value)

but the group still returns blank. Would anyone have any ideas on how to help me resolve this?


Your code is right. Are you sure it's returning nothing, and not something like a space or carriage return?


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I have just noticed that the toolbar in SSRS (with the page numbers, save/print etc) is slightly askew (see image). After doing some testing, this only happens when accessing a report using the server's FQDN ( If I use the netbios/short url (http://reports/Reports/) it works fine - can anyone guess...

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So I have a dataset which contains a list of dates and foreign keys. Now I need to get the first date for a certain foreign key. I have tried the expression below: =First(LookUpSet(Fields!Title.Value, Fields!Linked_Study.Value, Fields!Subject_Enrollment_Date.Value, "FPI")) But it just returns #Error. Does anyone know why this expression doesn't work...

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Where does the syntax for expressions in SSRS come from?

The syntax for the expressions in SSRS seem to be very different to the other products that Microsoft produces. For example, I am not aware of any other tool that uses IIF() for an if statement and using 'is nothing' to assess if value is NULL. Is there any history...

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I have a table that handles stock, I have the data outputting in to a table in SSRS so I can see stock levels. like so: PartNumber, PartDescription, Qty I can use =IIF (Fields!Qty.Value < 40, "red", "teal") on the quantity field to set a threshold within the table but...

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I am currently using Report Viewer 11 to connect to a SQL Server 2008 r2 SSRS endpoint in order to run reports within a web page. Previously this was all working when SSRS and the DB were running on the same virtual server. We just moved the DB and SSRS...

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Crystal Reports has a built-in function PercentOfSum(fld, condfld) (documentation here). How can I achieve the same functionality in SSRS?

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I have go through this question about the same topic in stack overflow but i did not get any accurate answers from the same that is why i have ask the question again enter link description here I havce created a ssrs report and i have render it in an...

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This simple mdx query do work in SSMS: SELECT CrossJoin({[Measures].[Qnt]}, {[Sales_step].CHILDREN}) ON COLUMNS, [City] ON ROWS FROM [SALES_PIPE] But it fails to run within Visual Studio for rdl report. An error accures: The query cannot be prepared: The query must have at least one axis. The first axis of the...

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I've seen a lot of questions about average time in SSRS but I'm pretty new to this and none of these questions address my specific need so any help would be appreciated. I have a duration field (Fields!Duration1.Value) which is pulling in a duration in minutes (example: 170). In my...

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=Switch(Fields!CompnyID.Value=5, "company 1" "dsSalesManagement", Fields!CompnyID.Value=6, "company 2" "dsSalesManagement" ) Trying to use switch statement to display two different results in my report. Was maybe looking for syntax correction or is there a way to use an else if statement? Problem is I want this expression to be dependent on value...

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I'm working with SharePoint Lists, I have 2 Lists for this issue i.e. Movies & Theatres. Only one list is used tough, because Theatres reference a movie. (I know this is weird but I'm not actually working with movies and theatres, it's just using an analogy so anyone could understand...

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I have a reporting requirement in which I have 3 groupings Group_1 parents -> Group_4 lowest child I have a groupingID param which is an int that I'm using to show the same report either as region/div or emp/supervisor. Group_1 =totals and Group_4 = Employee and NULL for region/division. Updated...

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I have a few Parameters that I am trying to set based off of results that the user selects, but when I select from my Multi-Value Parameter my report errors with Failed to evaluate the FilterValues of the DataSet 'DST_MyThirdDataSet' I have my first DataSet called DST_MyFirstDataSet which is used...

Format Numbers in Multiple columns of SSRS Report

Currently I am working on a ssrs report. The table in report is having about 30 columns. For each column I have to modify the number format (to either 2 decimal or no decimal numbers). I can do it by click on every column and modify the number property in...

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I need to display dates of all Mondays in the given date range. For example, if my start date is 01/05/2015 and end date is 31/05/2015, I need to show 04/05/2015 11/05/2015 18/05/2015 25/05/2015 How is it possible?...

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I have a summary report with about 20 datasets, linking to 20 detail sub-reports. I have added datasets based on stored procedures for each of the detail reports. Now when I try to add another one I get an error message Could not create a list of fields for the...