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Firebase allows you to store data in remote JSON tree and it can be nested up to 32 levels. It's cool, but is there any way (or service) to store your data in lists, sets or hashes like Redis does, but remotely, like Firebase does?


A list is a collection of ordered data? If so: see Firebase's documentation on saving lists of data. If you're used to arrays, you might want to read these two blog posts on arrays in Firebase and real-time synchronized arrays too.

In JSON (and thus in Firebase) any associative array is essentially a set: you can associate one value with each key. So I'd map sets to regular Firebase set operations.

As you may see: there are quite some links to the Firebase guide in the above.


Why would one use a heap over a self balancing binary search tree?

What are the uses of heaps? Whatever a heap can do can also be done by a self-balancing binary search tree like an AVL tree. The most common use of heap is to find the minimum (or maximum) element in O(1) time (which is always the root). This functionality can...

popStack pops out data that I didn't push (stack adt)

This is a code to push 0 and 1 and pop 1 and 0 again. However, it pops 2 and 2. I can't seem to figure out why. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include "stackADT.h" int main (void) { STACK* stack; int data; stack = createStack (); int i;...

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I am trying to find the maximum element in a binary tree.I have two classes and an inner class.Now when I call the findmax method in my first class from second class(i.e TreeMap) I need to pass root of the tree as an argument.I have inserted the elements in the...

How change redis to be persistent

I use redis. I want that the DB will be persistent, but when I kill my process, I notice that the data doesn't recover. In example, I have 100 keys and values. my process run on id = 26060. When I do: kill -9 26060 and run redis-server again, all...

Removing a node from a LinkedList (C#)

I created a LinkedList class with a function delete to remove a certain node from the list if found, however it's not working: public class LinkedList { public Node head; <...> public void delete(string n) { Node x = search(n); //returns the node to delete or null if not found... redis How data stored and cleared

i am hosting an app on heroku which is using it is using sockets and i am using heroku 4 standard 1X dynos . So for this i used redistogo service and plugin. it's working great but i want to know does also clear the data from...

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I'm new to python. I need a datastructure to contain a tuple of two elements: date and file path. I need to be able to change their values from time to time, hence I'm not sure a tuple is a good idea as it is immutable, and every time I...

Choosing the data structure for orgaininsng data with list of values in java

I have a map as shown below in which there is a key and values is of type List: Map<String, List<String> newdatamap = new HashMap<>(); map.put ("RtyName", Arrays.asList("wpn", "wpfnb", "dgeft", "xbthy")); map.put ("rtyRate", Arrays.asList("dd", "ww", "trrty", "httyure")) I'd like to add another map over the previous map, such that there...

strcmp performance in C

int myStrCmp (const char *s1, const char *s2) { const unsigned char *p1 = (const unsigned char *)s1; const unsigned char *p2 = (const unsigned char *)s2; while (*p1 != '\0') { if (*p2 == '\0') return 1; if (*p2 > *p1) return -1; if (*p1 > *p2) return 1;...

Trie Data Structure in Finding an Optimal Solution

This Question is part of ongoing Competition , I have solved the 75% of this Question Data Set but the 25% is giving me TLE. I am asking why it's is giving TLE an i am sure my complexity is O(n*n)Question: String S consisting of N lowercase English alphabets. We...

find the biggest possible number comprised of the digits of of a given number

Given a number N find the biggest possible number X that can be created from the given number digits. Example: N=231 then X will be 321. The restrictions are time complexity O(1) and space complexity O(1). I think this has to be done with counting sort. ...

How to create structure in MATLAB with many repeated substructures in an efficient way?

I need to create a structure in MATLAB which is like this: under the main struct there are 3 sub-structures: Left, Right, Center. Under Left and Right there are 18 sub-structures each (A,B,C,D,E,...), and under Center there are 5 sub-structures. Under each of the 18 and 5 sub-structures I have...

Visualization of TreeMap and LinkedHashMap in Java

I am trying to understand how these data structures actually are visualized. It is said that TreeMap puts the entries in natural order [of keys] and LinkedHashMap puts entries in the order in which they are inserted. My question is, does the iteration over each of these data structures mean...

predis: ZADD with NX keeps throwing error 'Predis\ServerException'

I am having an issue when I try to add "NX" to the zadd command on predis. The redis docs say that ZADD should support NX, but no matter how I set up the predis command, I can not get it working. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?...

Why this DFS code is not working in some cases?

According to above picture DFS should be: 0 1 3 5 4 2 but it's returning 0 1 3 5 2 (This is happening only for one case. What I am doing wrong here?) code: import java.util.Stack; public class DFSDetectCycleSelf { static int arr[][] = { { 0, 1,...

Load Dictionary Text File Into Java

I need to load a text file of information into Java. The Text file looks like this "reproduce": { "VB": 7 }, "drill": { "VB": 8, "NN": 16 }, "subgross": { "JJ": 2 }, "campsites": { "NNS-HL": 1, "NNS": 1 }, "streamed": { "VBN": 1, "VBD": 2 } It is...

How to properly instantiate a MultiSet (created on my own) using Python

I wanted to learn about Data Structures so I decided to create them using Python. I first created a Singly Linked List (which consists of two classes: the actual List and the Node). A List consists of Nodes (or can be empty). Each node had a "next" value. When I...

How To Restore a Missing Redis Service

I installed an older version of Redis on a CentOS server. I tried to remove that old version and update it to latest version, but it seems that the redis service is gone and the new version installation doesn't reproduce it. Is there any way I can uninstall the Redis...

Redis Cache .Net Client

Does anyone know if Amazon supports C# client libraries for making calls to Redis Server? I know service stack and stack exchange are the only two libraries right now, but Amazon makes no mention of them at all.

What is the use of privdata argument in redisAsyncCommand?

The function definition provided in the source for redisAsyncCommand( ) is: static int __redisAsyncCommand(redisAsyncContext *ac, redisCallbackFn *fn, void *privdata, const char *cmd, size_t len) { ... } What is the purpose of the void *privdata argument? In what cases would it be useful?...

Is exists check required before calling StringSet method of StrackExchange.Redis

I am using the StackExchange.Redis 1.0.450 nuget in C#. I have code like below which checks if a keyexists in redis before adding it - if (!Cache.KeyExists(fKey)) { Cache.StringSet(fKey, Serialize(data)); } where Cache is Database object I was reading about the redis SET command here and found that SET...

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I want to know which algorithm is used by the following Applications or WebSite for String Pattern Matching, I have already search by title but nothing found, i want to learn and understand the real time implementation of String Pattern Matching algorithm used by various Applications. 1.Notepad 2.Adobe Reader...

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I'm currently writing a Macro for Excel. First I want to read my variable settings from row 20 from my sheet "Filter" into my variable "test": ' Define Last Column with a value LastCol = Sheets("Filter").Cells(20, Sheets("Filter").Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column Col_Letter = Split(Cells(1, LastCol).Address(True, False), "$")(0) ' Read Data into variable test =...

Getting a lost Sentinel error message for Redis

I am running a spring boot service using spring data redis and here is the following configuration. The service seems to work but I am seeing a stream of Lost Sentinel messages in the logs. The sentinel nodes are reachable form the VM where I am running the service. I...

Java - Most efficient structure for quick retrieval

I have a very simple problem: I need to check if a large (150k) list of strings contains a certain string. Order does not matter, and I only need to check if the list contains a string. What is the most efficient data structure to use?

Difference in performance of adding elements in Treeset directlt vs transferring from arraylist?

I want to know the difference in performance between adding element in a TreeSet one by one versus adding elements in ArrayList and then transferring to TreesSet by .addAll() method. I know TreeSet uses Red–black tree as its data structure. Just want to know the basic internal workings of this...

undirected weighted graph data structure in c++

I am learning C++ and I appreciate your support by answering my question to help me to understand fundamental concepts. I am sure I need to learn many stuff, but I need a some advice to help me to find the right way. The problem I have is explained in...

Predis: Pros and Cons of the two cluster strategies

I am using Predis to connect to a Redis 3.0.2 cluster. So, I have an option to use either predis or redis cluster strategy. I am wondering if there are any significant pros and cons of choosing one of them over the other? Based on my wandering through documentation, I...

Algorithm to find k neighbors in a certain range?

Suppose there is a point cloud having 50 000 points in the x-y-z 3D space. For every point in this cloud, what algorithms or data strictures should be implemented to find k neighbours of a given point which are within a distance of [R,r]? Naive way is to go through...

Find root of minimal height which is not BST

I'm struggling with following problem: Write function which for given binary tree returns a root of minimal height which is not BST or NIL when tree is BST. I know how to check if tree is BST but don't know how to rewrite it. I would be grateful for an...

Print data-structure/ Data-type hierarchy

Let's assume we have a Data-Structure which consists of nested Data-Types, is there a way of printing the data-types like: Dict()<List()<Dict()>> Example Data-Structure with Values: complexDataStructure = {"FirstDict":[{"AnotherDict":[[1,2,3],[1,2,3] ]} , {"OneMoreDict":[[1,2,3],[1,2,3] ]} ]} >>> output Dict()<List()<Dict()>> You can see the nested Structure with its Values, I would like to print...

Datastructure related. Find all arrays elements greater than or equal to given input

I have a long sequence of order amounts, 1000, 3000, 50000, 1000000, etc. I want to find out all orders whose amount is more than 100000. Simplest solution can be iterate through full list and compare and put matched on into another list which will give you all whose amount...

Need help coming up with best structure for declaring/populating many arrays of XYZ data

This is likely a simple concept for those who have worked with VB/VS for a while. I am plotting XY-style data on a scatter plot. Each set of data (Scan) has three columns of double precision data points: Potential, Current, and Time, not necessarily in that order. Each set contains...

Set options for ZADD command in laravel redis

I'm trying to set options for ZADD with laravel redis but am failing. The option I need to set is NX, as stated in the documentation: ZADD options (Redis 3.0.2 or greater) ZADD supports a list of options, specified after the name of the key and before the first score...

nodejs Kue job processing logic

I have a very simple logical question. I will be running job processing logic on a separate app server. My job processing app will be a standalone app, doing nothing just processing jobs. In my code, how do I make sure that my app continuously keep checking redis server for...

Basic Python code not Working

I am newbie to Python. Here is my Code that implements binary search to find the guessed number .I cant figure it out correctly how to make my code work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. print"Please think of a number between 0 and 100!" guessed=False while not guessed: lo=0...

Unknown Data Structure?

I had a question about whether or not Java has its own data structure for what I am looking for. It is something like a combination of an array, linked list and a tree. If it is not in Java, but exists already as a concept in computer science/other languages,...

Redis: Delete user token by email ( find Key by Value )

I have followed tutorial on how to create token-based authentication with node from this tutorial I got it all worked out, but I got 1 problem. The way I store token is : KEY = TOKEN VALUE = UserData (Username, email, etc.) To protect multiple devices login, I would...

Perform insert,search and delete queries on an array in less than O(n) time and using O(1) auxillary space

I am given an array of numbers and allowed to preprocess them . There are 3 types of queries : Insert(x) which inserts an element "x" into the array. Delete(x) which deletes an element "x" from the array (assume x is present in the array) Find(x) which returns if "x"...

node js redis pubsub

I'm really beginner of nodejs. I want to make a chatting service using nodejs. I use nodejs/jade/mysql to construct basic part of my system and now i want to provide pub/sub to users. we receive users' interests from text field or using hash tags..(anyway we received users' interests and stored...

Hierarchy data structure wih efficient query algorithm

I am looking for a data structure to represent hierarchy class system in Java. For example, I have three class, University,Major,Student, and their relationship looks like below. Is there a efficient data structure that I can query with a path-like expression? For example, if the expression is CMU/cs/jake,then I get...

Can RPUSH and LPUSH in Redis race?

The docs at on RPUSH and LPUSH aren't clear on whether or not these operations are still O(1) and transational when pushing multiple items. For example, if two clients perform an RPUSH to the same list with multiple items, can their items become interspersed and thus out of order?...

Loop until i get correct user

I have users stored in Redis and want to be able to call only certain subsets from a set, if i don't get the correct user back i want to put it back in the set and then try again until i get one of the desired users @redis =...

Find the number of disjoint sets

For those not familiar with Disjoint-set data structure. I'm trying to find the no. of groups of friends from the given sets of friends and their relationships. Of course, there is no doubt that this could easily be implemented using BFS/DFS. But I choose to use disjoint set, I...

What is the best way to iterate two hashmap in same loop in java?

What's the best way to iterate over the below two maps together? I want to compare two maps values which are strings and have to get the keys and values. HashMap<String, String> map1; HashMap<String, String> map2; ...

Using Redis as a session state provider,session,redis,stateless
I am wanting to create real RESTful APIs with ASP.Net. According to REST architecture. The application must be stateless. Meaning I can't use normal sessions. I found a document here describing how to use Redis as a session state provider. Since it would be external (as in not part of...

Using redis as a DB for some values

I notice that all the examples of redis contains key-value option. For example: key1 value1 key2 value2 key3 value3 But my DB is more complex, and I wish to support some values of keys. key1 createday1 deleteday1 size1 key2 createday2 deleteday2 size2 key3 createday3 deleteday3 size3 Also, I wish to...

Redis Serialization and Deserialization

I have noticed that some of my serialized objects stored in Redis have problems deserializing. This typically occurs when I make changes to the object class being stored in Redis. I want to understand the problem so that I can have a clear design for a solution. My question is,...

Binary Search - Best and worst case

In an exam I see a question: Which one of the following is true? For a binary search, the best-case occurs when the target item is in the beginning of the search list. For a binary search, the best-case occurs when the target is at the end of the search...

Doubly Linked List, MergeSort, getting undefined and unreliable results

I try my best to look up solutions to problems before asking on here, but I've hit a bit of a brick wall. While there is one for Java, it didn't help me enough to understand where I went wrong with my implementation. So without further ado, here's some background,...