mobilefirst , Which Mobile Platforms are Supported by MobileFirst Platform Foundation 6.3?

Which Mobile Platforms are Supported by MobileFirst Platform Foundation 6.3?


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Which Mobile Platforms are Supported by MobileFirst Platform 6.3?

In addition, are the following services supported in the Blackberry environment:


Have you tried consulting with the IBM Knowledge Center or reading the Developer Center tutorials, which list this information?

Supported environments:
iOS 6 and above
Android 2.x, 4.x and above
Windows Phone 8.x
Windows 8.x
BlackBerry 6, 7, 10.x
Mobile Web
Desktop Browser

The Worklight update service is not supported in BlackBerry (I assume you are referring to Direct Update)

JSONStore support does not extend to BlackBerry.

The full list of what is supported is in the System Requirements.


How to run a timer in the Background

I wanna create a mobile apps using IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation. The app should have a timer, and when I close the application, timer still running. So if the apps has not been used for long time, it will uninstall itself. I hope can get a draft idea how to...

MobileFirst Hybrid App. Change mainFile to a subdirectory

I am trying to retrofit an existing ASP.NET web app into our business's MobileFirst environment while using as much of the same code base as possible between the 2 projects. The issue that I am running into is that while, the browser app is mostly a single page, it rests...

How to debug a SOAP adapter in MobileFirst 7.0

In mobilefirst 7.0 I succesfully created a soapadapter starting from a wsdl URL. The web server expose some operations, some work fine but one. I debugging on the webserver side an I see that a complex type is missing one object. Debugging with Mobile Browser Simulator I can see that...

IBM MobileFirst Plugin should use a background thread

I am using IBM's MobileFirst Platform Foundation ( to build an Android and iOS application. The application (iOS at this moment) gives quite a lot of information when running. But one is quite common and I think it is also quite dangerous. The error I get is: THREAD WARNING: ['WLApp']...

IBM MobileFirst adapter call ssl error

I am trying to get json data from an application via an http adapter of IBM mobilefirst. The app is accessible with https and i get this ssl error: "Runtime: Http request failed: NotAfter: Sat Jul 26 21:15:15 EEST 2014" This is the xml of the adapter: <wl:adapter...

Is there any way to exclude library folders in worklight build-process?

I'm using sencha touch. This library is huge, more than 25MB, 2500 files. So the build process is slow. According to here, we should minify the library to make build process fast. But If I minify this library, debugging gets harder. I don't modify this library. So after first build,...

How to use time delay in MobileFirst adapters

Has anyone tried introducing Delay/timer into the MobileFirst Platform Foundation adapters? is there anyway to introduce specific amount of delay? I tried setTimeout() but that doesn't work because of window object will not available in Adapter.js...

Beacon trigger actionPayload available actions?

I just started learning beacons in MFP and have question concerning actionPayload for a trigger. Knowledge Center gives JSON example with "actionPayload" : {"alert" : "Avail lowest interest rate of just 7.5% on home loans!"} I'm trying to realize: What are the actions available except of alert? How could I...

Mobilefirst 7 -> windows 8 URL activation scheme parameters

I've a problem with activation protocols in mobilefirst / windows8(.1). In a standard winJS app I can get the parameters after activating an app by custom protocol in the canonical way: //register event WinJS.Application.addEventListener("activated", onActivatedHandler, false); //handle function onActivatedHandler(eventArgs) { if (eventArgs.detail.kind == Windows.ApplicationModel.Activation.ActivationKind.protocol) { // The received URI is...

Mobilefirst 7.0 soapadapter fails calling no argument operatio

I created a soapadapter via the wizard using the webservice wsdl file. Most operation run succesfully bu one. This particular operatio returns an array of objects and consume no arguments. The sample procedure parameters is: { "recuperaVariabili": { } } Calling the procedure, never invokes onSuccess nor onFailure functions. Looking...

MobileFirst Operation Analytics Console - Not linked to MobileFirst Admin Operational Console

I followed the below URL to configure my Operation Analytics Console. IBM InfoCenter Link Configured the properties in the Project WorkLight Runtime Application deployed in WAS. But i am not able to find the property under the environment variable for the web module section in WAS admin. Please guide...

Read parameters from in html pages

I am developing a worklight application(Worklight 6.2). In this application i have requirement where certain parameters i need to read from file. For worklight adapters i got success but i also require to read some parameters in html pages from file. My question is,is it possible to read...

MobileFirst 7.0 Application Center user management

I have uploaded two apps on Application Center Console. I also have created two users that should see only one of the apps. I have teste with and without restrictions, but the users in appcenterusergroup cannot see any of the Apps. Server.xml configuration looks like this: <basicRegistry> <user name="demo" password="demo"/>...

Read adapter procedure requestTimeoutInSeconds from file

I am developing a Worklight 6.2 application wherein I have a requirement to read parameters from file. I have successfully read below parameters and set them. <connectivity> <connectionPolicy xsi:type="http:HTTPConnectionPolicyType"> <protocol>${adapter.protocol}</protocol> <domain>${adapter.domain}</domain> <port>${adapter.port}</port> </connectionPolicy> <loadConstraints maxConcurrentConnectionsPerNode="200" /> </connectivity> But I am unable to set...

More on PUT HTTP Adapter in MobileFirst Platform

This is similar to the question asked here, but that question was not exactly answered to what the problem is. Customer.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <wl:adapter name="Customer" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:wl="" xmlns:http=""> <displayName>Customer</displayName> <description>Customer</description> <connectivity> <connectionPolicy...

IBM MobileFirst/Worklight JSON

In IBM MobileFirst 7.0, I created a SOAP adapter by pointing MobileFirst Platform Studio to a WSDL running on a local web server. When calling the SOAP adapter, which converts JSON to XML then when the response is received from XML back into JSON, it is setting number (integer, decimal)...

MobileFirst Push notification fails after an adapter call

I'm working in a hybrid Mobile First app for android, and after I call an adapter the callback function registered never get call. Here is the log, all I can see is that my app is unregistering the push subscriptions. 05-06 11:18:16.429: D/mali_winsys(4021): new_window_surface returns 0x3000 05-06 11:18:16.429: D/ProgressBar(4021): updateDrawableBounds:...

Cannot compile Java adapter using adapter-builder task (ANT) in MFP v7

We have been using the adapter-builder task ( to compile our MFP adapters for several weeks. We just started now adopting Java adapters in our MFP apps but we cannot compile them with the adapter-builder task. Looking at the compilation errors in the output, it seems the adapter-builder task does...

MobileFirst 7.0 App giving “ERROR itms-90035” on submission to apple app store

I am trying to submit the new version of my MobileFirst 7.0 ios app to apple store but as soon as I submit, it gives me following error: I am using XCode 6.3.1 on Yosemite. I have also added my Distribution certificate and Provisioning Profile to it but it still...

Mobile First - How to segmentate logs depending on the session

I'm working on a mobile banking solution using Mobile First v 7.0 and one of the requirements is to isolate the customer's logs in a dedicated log file which gets created once a session is started to track all the details by session. Is it possible to do such thing...

IBM MobileFirst SQL Adapter

I want to connect my IBM MobileFirst apps to my database, I use wampserver (localhost), username = "root", password ="...", database name = "mydatabase". In my MobileFirst project, I created a SQL adapter "myAdapter". Inside the myAdapter.xml, this is the code: <connectivity> <connectionPolicy xsi:type="sql:SQLConnectionPolicy"> <!-- Example for using a JNDI...

Is there a way to cache the response received from a HTTP adapter?

Is there a way to cache the response received from a http adapter in IBM MobileFirst Platform? It would be more efficient to get data from cache for frequently used services instead of hitting the service again and again. Even an adapter(server) side caching would reduce response times considerably. Is...

MobileFirst InstallationManager hangs

Working on an isolated Linux machine, no internet access. I am installing MobileFirst Server v7.0, WAS Liberty and IBM Java. Having attached my repositories to Installation Manager I select an option to install. Click Next, and nothing further happens. I see various solutions offered all of which are concerned with...

MobileFirst: adapter returned data containing special characters

One of my adapter returns some data containing special characters (like quotation marks, bullets or question marks etc.) onSuccess of adapter call, I save data in a variable as shown below. try{ var data = JSON.stringify(response.invocationResult) ; var _meetingDetailsArray = JSON.parse(data).MXEMEETINGSet.EMEETING ; }catch(Exception) { logger.error( Exception ); } After that...

MFP CLI v7.0 cannot build-deploy project initially created with MFP Studio v7.0

Problem Context: We initially created a MFP project (native API for iOS) using MFP Studio plugin v7.0 for Eclipse. We have this project under source control (Git on DevOps). Problem: After pulling down the MFP project code from Git (fresh pull), if Studio is first used to “Deploy Native API”...

MobileFirst platform 6.3 returning incorrect Arabic text

I have development version of Mobile First Platform 6.3 on my machine and a production version (also 6.3) hosted on a server, the local version is returning the Arabic text correctly while the server is returning corrupted Arabic. The requests happen as follows: My machine > Local mfp server >...

How to invoke Java adapter procedure from JS adapter procedure in MobileFirst Platform 7.0?

Our team is migrating to MobileFirst Platform 7.0 because of Java adapters introduced in this version. And after having a quick look I haven't found how to invoke procedures in Java adapter from procedures in JavaScript adapters. Looks like Java adapter doesn't define procedures and has only REST endpoints. How...

Any way to write Ant Script to enter multiple input from directory and run them in parallel

I want to write a script which takes input from directory all the adapters and build the adapters in parallel. I just want a generic script which works with every mobile first code to build adapters. <target name="build-adapter"> <dirset id="check" dir="/Users/admin/Documents/workspace1/MyTime/adapters" includes="*"/> <property name="test" refid="check"/> <echo>${test}</echo> <parallel> <adapter-builder folder="/Users/admin/Documents/workspace1/MyTime/adapters/${test}"...

IBM Security Access Manager Integration with MobileFirst 6.3

i am working on a MobileFirst application. It needs to be integrated with IBM security access manager. i have configured the login modules, realms and authentication configurations. On the code side, what should be done?.

How to implement “remember me”-like functionality?

I am developing an hybrid mobile application using ibm mobilefirst platform. I am using the custom authentication module example to implement the login module. The problem here is when the user closes the application the app gets logged out. Is there anyway that I can implement so that the user...

How to get MobileFirst 6.3 server for free for the purpose of learning

I have been given an assignment to take up training on IBM MobileFirst 6.3 Server Administration. I want to show the students how to install MobileFirst server and configure it. But after going through the documentation, i realized , the server component is not part of MobileFirst Foundation developer edition,...

Using Mobilefirst database for jsonstore sync

We are developing an Hybrid application using IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation 6.3. We don't know if we can use the database that we installed during the MobileFirst installation. It's a bad practice to use this database as a backend for our apps? Will this generate a overhead?...

MobileFirst 7.0 Server stuck “Deploying” when trying to deploy a .wlapp file to Tomcat

While after finishing installing and configuring successfully the MobileFirst 7.0 Server, I'm getting the issue that the MF server is stucking in "Deploying" when I try to Deploy Application => Selecting a MF studio /bin folder .wlapp file. And here are some log messages from Tomcat log files: 10614 WorklightManagementPU-mysql...

MobileFirst Error: Cannot perform this operation on removed entity

I am currently working with an IBM consultant to upgrade our Mobile App from Worklight 5.0.6 to MobileFirst 7. I am deploying locally. I am occasionally getting this error message that prevents me from deploying to the console: [2015-05-28 11:35:16] Deploying application 'MyGPCMobile' with environment 'iphone' to MobileFirst Server... [2015-05-28...

Unable to Resolve PKIX Path Building Failed

I try to connect to https web service using below code. adapter.xml: <connectivity> <connectionPolicy xsi:type="http:HTTPConnectionPolicyType"> <protocol>https</protocol> <domain></domain> <port>443</port> <connectionTimeoutInMilliseconds>30000</connectionTimeoutInMilliseconds> <socketTimeoutInMilliseconds>30000</socketTimeoutInMilliseconds> <maxConcurrentConnectionsPerNode>50</maxConcurrentConnectionsPerNode>...

IBM MobileFirst 7.0 Server : No runtime environment deployed in this server

Successfully installed IBM MobileFirst 7.0 Server on following environment, and also, a runtime environment was created step by step and deployed successfully in this server (with GUI of MobileFirst Platform Configurion Tool shows deployed): CentOS 6.4 MobileFirst Server 7.0 jdk-7u79 MySQL 5.6.24 Apache Tomcat 7.0.62 But I got a No...

MobileFirst Server 7.0.0 as service on Windows Server 2012 not recognizing runtime enviroments

We are encountering a problem running the MobileFirst Enterprise Server on Windows Server 2012 R2. When we start using a batch file as Administrator, as long as we stay remote connected the server is working OK, we see the Runtime Environments. But when we log out, server is unreachable. We...

Recommended way to force MobileFirst-CLI to use Java 6?

I'm on OS X and have been using Java 1.8 from Oracle. In order to install mfp I did have to install the old Java 6 from Apple, but it also seems certain mfp commands, mfp build at least, fail unless I change my JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to...

Disabling default security using @OAuthSecurity(enabled=false)

The following link indicates that the security can be disabled using @OAuthSecurity(enabled=false) - see under "Security configuration of a JAX-RS resource" Question: Does it mean that the default security is disabled? I have a scenario wherein a JavaScript Adapter (developed and being used in a previous version of the product)...

How to check offline mode using MobileFirst Platform?

I am using the below code in app\common\js\main.js On clicking a button we are setting heatbeat to 5 seconds so that every 5 seconds MobileFirst Server will trigger one of the two events: "WORKLIGHT_IS_CONNECTED" or "WORKLIGHT_IS_DISCONNECTED". I have added event listeners for these two events and in their callback handlers...

MobileFirst 7.0.0 application on Windows Phone 8.1 error from Weinre

The MobileFirst application that we've developed works on iOS, Android. The Windows Phone 8.1 port is showing following error when displaying console messages on weinre console: Error in Error callbackId: WLAuthorizationManagerPlugin1600160345 : TypeError: Unable to get property 'WL-Authentication-Success' of undefined or null reference Uncaught Exception: Unable to get property 'WL-Authentication-Success'...

MobileFirst OAuth Logout, cached OAuth indentity

This is a follow-on to a previous question about MobileFirst OAuth. The question being that a call to WL.Client.logout("SomeRealm") does not remove the OAuth token for that Realm/Scope and hence calls resources protected by OAuth still succeed. The answer to which quotes the InfoCentre as requiring a call to obtainAuthorizationHeaderForScope...

IBM MobileFirst Platform ClassPath error during installation

Running MFPF7.0.0.0-IF201506081356 on WebSphere Liberty (that's 8.5.5 with fp 5 applied), IBM Java After deploying the first runtime to server the following error occurs: 6/10/15 15:25:05:600 CEST] 0000002c E SRVE0293E: [Servlet Error]-[Failed to load listener: com.worklight.server.bundle.project.JeeProjectActivator]: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.worklight.server.bundle.api.WorklightBundles at...

Production MobileFirst 7 Server upgrade from Worklight 6.2, Adapter call not working

We have a MobileFirst application that worked with Worklight 6.2 server - production also. We are using a http adapter: <connectionPolicy xsi:type="http:HTTPConnectionPolicyType"> Currently we are changing the production server to 7.0.0. On Development Server we could test our application and all the functionalities were OK. We'we created the .war with...

MobileFirst OAuth and Logout

I have a test application that accesses two Adapters: A JavaScript adapter protected by a SecurityTest referencing a realm A Java adapter with a method protected by an OAuth scope corresponding to that same realm. If I follow this sequence everything works as expected: Attempt to access the JS adapter,...

install MobileFirst 7.0 server (for test and production environment) with IBM Installation Manager

While I'm following the IBM Knowledge Center' guide to install a IBM MobileFirst 7.0 Server for production environment but that document is too simple for any newbees to handle it. Can someone provide a more detailed guide and a MF 7.0 server download link so that I can use it...

MobileFirst Platform native iOS app building have error while building .wlapp

I am working on MobileFirst Platform version7 using ant script to build the project .war, .wlapp, .adapter. Everything was working fine while our project was a hybrid one. Now the project is migrated to native-iOS in. I am using following code to build .wlapp. <target name="build-wlapp"> <app-builder worklightServerHost="localhost:10080" applicationFolder="//Users/admin/Documents/workspace/NewProj/apps/Try" environments="iOSnative"...

Error Deploying MobileFirst Server Configuration

In the process of upgrading a remote MobileFirst Server to version 7.0 (from version 6.2), and I've run into an issue when attempting to use the Server Configuration Tool to redeploy. Here's the only apparent error I'm seeing, unsure what other information you may need to help diagnose this: Buildfile:...

Preview Mode on Production Server

We've recently migrated from 5.0.6 Worklight. The preview mode was working in 5.0.6 console. After migrating to 7.0 and uploading the common.wlapp file, I am getting the following errors and cannot preview the app. Should the preview mode work on a production MobileFirst Platform server version 7.0? I use this...

MobileFirst app build - failed creating temporary directory to build adapter

I have working command line build setup for my MobileFirst application. However today when I ran a build, I got following error: BUILD FAILED C:\...\build.xml:29: Failed creating temporary directory to build adapter What might be the cause of this error? I'm running the build via ant: ant build Relevant part...