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Notepad++ - Move insertion point to next line


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I am quite new to Notepad++ and I am doing some HTML and CSS coding in it.

My problem is that I would like a way to move the cursor to the next line, no matter if it is in the middle of some code in the previous line.

In PyCharm it is done by hitting Shift+Enter and it's called "Start new line". I find it very useful, but haven't been able to find a similar way to do it in Notepad++.

I am running latest Windows 8 and Notepad++ (Je suis Charlie edition).


Try this:

  1. Press "Record Macro" button.

  2. Press "down arrow" button, next "home" button.

  3. Press "Stop Recording".
  4. Press "Save Current Macro"
  5. Name is as you like "Start New Line"

  6. Assign a shortcut (for me shift+enter didn't work, probably this shortcut is already in use)


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