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Implementing Event Tracking with GTM


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I have dadded Universal Analytics to Google Tag Manager with it's default settings. Currently I have below code in the user registration page:

_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Account Events', 'Create Account', 'Create new account ']);

How can I convert this to 'DataLayer.push' ? Is there any configuration changes needed in GTM side? Please let me know.

Thank You.


You could do something like this which happens when the account creation form is successfully submitted:

   'event': 'account created',
   'cat': 'Account Events',
   'act': 'Create Account',
   'lab': 'Create new account'

and then in GTM, you would need to create the event tag with the respective macros for the category, action, and label.

The event tag would fire on this rule:

{{event}} equals "account created"


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