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Windows phone apps on Windows 10


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I'm creating apps for windows phone pretty much since the beginning and I was wondering.. Will the Windows Phone apps run on Windows 10 (for Phone) ? I could not find an answer anywhere and I wonder if the Windows Phone store will just disappear with the new version of Windows.


After upgrading my 830 to Windows 10 preview, it seems like even Windows phone 7 apps still work under Windows 10 for phone. I still wonder how are they going to handle the different stores though. Anyway, I got my answer. Wait and see !


windows phone 8.1 universal app : clear cookies

I am developing windows phone 8.1 universal app and i wish to clear cookies from browsers. I have used namespace and used following code await new WebBrowser().ClearCookiesAsync(); but it says that it throws several error. Please help windows programmers . I think the above code works well for silverlight...

Is there a way to implement a wcf service connected to a database without paying for azure?

It seems like everything that I read is saying that for Windows Phone 8 Development, in order to create a database that connects to my WCF Service, I need to pay for it (Azure). Is that the truth? I want to create a database that my mobile app can access...

How to play Windows Phone 8 SpeechSynthesizer during lock screen?

I have the following code to synthesize text to speech in a Windows Phone 8 application, however I can't seem to figure out how to have it continuously play during lock screen/screen off/or in the background. Does anyone have a suggestion or snippit of code on how to do this?...

Error x064 while registering a windows phone 8 for applications testing

I just finished a phonegap app ready to be deployed in a nokia lumia 520, I purchased a dev account, but everytime that I try to register the phone with the registration tool I get this: Status: Error communicating with the Windows Phone Dev Center. Please set the correct date...

Canvas borders c# ( Windows Phone 7)

I am using Storyboard to move my Images in Canvas. I am wondering if there is an option, when Image is moving to bottom and get into bottom border and Image will not move more down but also not stay. The point is how to make that Image will just...

Backbutton press navigates to two page backward in Windows Phone App

In my windows phone app sometimes it takes me two page backward although I pressed hardware back button just once. To handle the back button I used following code snippet: private void HardwareButtons_BackPressed(object sender, BackPressedEventArgs e) { e.Handled = true; if (Frame.CanGoBack) Frame.GoBack(); } And in OnNavigatedTo() method I added...

Why has my Windows Phone Dev Centre Dashboard stopped reporting downloads?

All of my applications report in as published and up, however, I've gone from 60+ daily downloads to absolutely zero across all applications for several days straight. This seems very odd and more like an error in MS reporting on Does anyone know why this may have happened? Is...

how do i get rows and columns dynamically in windows phone app?

In my application i need to design the seat layout arrangement in the form of rows and columns dynamically. Please any one suggest me how to get rows and columns and which view i need to use. this my xaml code <Grid x:Name="grid" Background="White"> <Button HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Foreground="Black" Margin="23,56,268,527">Text</Button> </Grid> this...

Data Binding SQLIte to Listbox(containing three controls) Windows phone 8

Iam new to implementing SQLITE DB & windows phone 8 app development... Implemeted following startegy to retreive data to listbox which contains three other controls.. here is my XAML code.. <ListBox Height="Auto" Name="TaskListBox" Margin="5,61,-1,298"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <Grid Background="Red" Height="480" Width="200"> <TextBlock Text="{Binding status }" Name="team1Name" Width="120" ></TextBlock> <TextBlock Text="{Binding CreationDate...

Windows phone store update app package on same app version?

I have uploaded an app with version Now I want to just update the package of this submission and not version in Windows Phone store can i do that?

Custom exception handling

I am making an app in wp8.1 I want to make sure that during certain process user is not allowed to press the hardware backbutton of windows phone. IF he does then my custom catch block exception should run. I don't know how to handle the backbutton exception for my...

Html5 input type number formatting

I have this page where i use the input type number. so that it will show the numeric keyboard on wp, android and ios device . But my problem is that if the user use a culture info on the device for. lets say Denmark. the numeric keyboard shown use...

change SystemTray Color in whole application - windows phone

I want to change the SystemTray Background and Foreground color in whole application but I don't define a base page and now I can't change the color for each page. is there a way for changing the background and foreground color of SystemTray in whole application through App.xaml.cs

Error while implementing reverse geocoding with C#

I am trying to implement the reverse geocoding with visual studio using C#. But i could not handle the exception "Argument out of range exception". CODE: ReverseGeocodeQuery reverseGeocode = new ReverseGeocodeQuery(); reverseGeocode.GeoCoordinate = new GeoCoordinate(47.608, -122.337); reverseGeocode.QueryCompleted += reverseGeocode_QueryCompleted; reverseGeocode.QueryAsync(); private void reverseGeocode_QueryCompleted(object sender, QueryCompletedEventArgs<IList<MapLocation>> e) { MapAddress geoAddress =...

Windows Phone 8.1 : Add remote Image to BottomAppBar or AppBarButton

I want to add remote Image into app bar button. My image is this url and I want to bind it to appbarbutton from the backend. my backend code is propic.UriSource = new Uri(""); But my backend code is not working...someone please tell me how to do it And...

How can I create a simple text file on a windows phone (8.1) that can be accessed trough USB cable?

So as title states, I would like to create a simple text file, that I could write to from my C# application, and copy it to my PC trough an USB cable. Just to be clear, I would like to write a file to this place, because I can access...

windows phone: deserialise and store both json key and value to modal

Hello guyzzzz i want to store both key and value in modal class...below is my json.. { "Example": [ { "Invoice": { "TFDGFF": " 200", "BF": " 200", "MD": "10", "EFM": " 12", "ATT": "4" }, "TF": "200" }, { "Invoice": { "DF": " 49", "DR": " 49", "KJ": "4",...

Application configuration files for Windows Universal app

I have developed a windows universal app 8.1 for tablets and phones. Is there any equivalent of App.config file what we used to have in desktop applications in win 8.1 tablets and phones ? Searching over the net revealed nothing. Thanks and Regards, Saurav...

Animate ScaleTransform of a Button using VisualStateManager

I created a control template for a button which contains a grid and a content control. What I want to do is the following: when the button is pressed, the scale of the button should animate to 0.5 and when the button leaves the pressed state, the button's scale should...

Receiving shared content using windows phone 8.0

I am working on windows phone application 8.0 not 8.1 I want to receive shared file into my application For E.g : I found some code that will allow register file type to be shared with application but no luck .. I just want to know is that possible to...

90/180/270 deg rotation of BitmapImage in windows phone 8

I have followed the msdn link for this But the problem is at TrasformedBitmap. The error says that The type or namespace name 'TransformedBitmap' could not be found I am not getting why this error pops up because I have included the namespace i.e System.Windows.Media.Imaging and PresentationCore assembly is also...

Windows Phone local toast notification Text wrapping and image is not showing

In my application, sending toast notification from the application itself. ToastTemplateType toastTemplateXml = ToastTemplateType.ToastText03; XmlDocument toastXml = ToastNotificationManager.GetTemplateContent(toastTemplateXml); XmlNodeList toastTextAttributes = toastXml.GetElementsByTagName("text"); toastTextAttributes[0].InnerText = "Welcome to My app! Let us know how you heared about us."; string text = DateTime.Now.ToString("MM-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); toastTextAttributes[1].InnerText = text; ToastNotification...

Ellipsis inside button content Windows Phone

is it possible to get ellipsis inside button when content length increase the width of button. I tried editing template but did get much success?

Circular progress bar in windows phone 8

In referencing for a fun new implementation of a progress indicator, I would like to adapt the circular progreessbar control to Windows Phone 8. But when i downloaded the project and rebuild-ed , it gave compile time error. error is as follow The property 'BgBrush' does not exist on...

Deployment failed because no Windows Phone was detected when using Windows Phone Emulator

I'm facing a weird problem. When I'm trying to debug my app on Windows Phone Emulator I'm getting this error: Deployment failed because no Windows Phone was detected. Make sure a phone is connected and powered on. However Emulator is launched, the app is deployed correctly and I'm able to...

Deserializing JSON Array with

I have some JSON from the EPA's UV Index API. The json is an array with separate elements in it. Example of the JSON: [ { "ORDER": 1, "ZIP": 19021, "DATE_TIME": "MAY/27/2015 07 AM", "UV_VALUE": 0 }, { "ORDER": 2, "ZIP": 19021, "DATE_TIME": "MAY/27/2015 08 AM", "UV_VALUE": 1 }, {...

How to display button over a Ad Mediator in windows phone 8?

I use in the application Ad Mediator. I need to add a button(see example) I tried to use the Canvas and Canvas.Zindex. But then does not display advertising. Please tell me how to do it....

windows phone 8.1: Hide stackpanel if textblock is empty

my xaml code is given below my whole xaml <Page x:Class="App13.MainPage" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:local="using:App13" xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" mc:Ignorable="d" xmlns:converter="using:App13" Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}"> <Page.Resources>...

Webbrowser not loading page content on Windows Phone 8

I'm building somewhat of a caching mechanism for some webpages, so that if the webpage is already stored in IsolatedStorage, then it's not necessary to fetch it online. However, when I'm loading the page, the content (CSS, js, images) aren´t being loaded, although the files are already in the appropriate...

How to bind a textblock visibility to another textblock text property

<Grid Height="{Binding ElementName=oldPrice, Path=Height}"> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Bottom" FontSize="{StaticResource TextStyleSmallFontSize}" RequestedTheme="Light" FontWeight="Bold" Foreground="#B0B0B0" Style="{StaticResource TitleTextBlockStyle}" TextWrapping="NoWrap"> <Run x:Name="oldPrice" Text="{Binding oldPrice}" /> </TextBlock> <Line Stretch="Fill" Stroke="#B0B0B0" StrokeThickness="1" X1="1" Width="{Binding ElementName=oldPrice, Path=Width}" Height="{Binding ElementName=oldPrice,...

Cordova Push Notification using Parse not working when app is Open when App is closed or in background it is working in Window Phone

I have created in windows phone in Cordova. All things are working fine. But now I have integrated Push Notification using Parse. I have configured correctly. But now I am only getting push when my app is in background or closed. But I am not getting Push notification when my...

Binding.StringFormat doesn't adhere to CultureInfo.CurrentCulture [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Why a binding's StringFormat didn't use a current culture? 1 answer I'm experiencing a weird format with currency issue when using data-binding on windows phone. I have checked the CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.CurrencySymbol and this is £ When I do string.Format("{0:C}", 30.30) it displays correctly...

Multiple Animations Windows Phone 7

I am trying to make one-hand machine game. To animate falling down Images I am using storyboard. My question is if someone know how to make multiple images. In this code I have just on image falling down. Somone know how to make e.g 100 images animation in the storyboard?...

Windows Phone UI defaults to 19 margin on the left

I've noticed that all guidelines, guides and blogs explain that the standard margin on the left (leading) for Windows Phone is 12. Yet, when I go File > New Project in VS2013 for any type of Windows Phone app, I'm met with a margin of 19, which looks really good....

Get ActualHeight from control after it's text has been bound

I am trying to get the ActualHeight of a TextBlock after it's text has been changed. This text may change multiple times on the same page, which means the Loaded method on my page, is only fired once.. Getting the value in the Page Loaded method works fine, but only...

Error - “Pivot” does not exist in the namespace - Windows phone 8.1

I am very new to Windows phone development. recently i am working on a project. i have got some code which uses pivot. but it is showing error as: The name "Pivot" does not exist in the namespace "" How can this be resolved ?...

Develop WP8 using VS Community 2013

Is there any way to develop wp8 app using Visual Studio Community 2013 edition? I've installed wp8 sdk, but still I can't see wp8 template.

Error APPX1706: creating winrt dll with xaml

I built a WinRT(Windows phone 8.1) dll with Page.xaml and App.xaml files. Next, I add reference to this winmd in wp8.1 application project. And I get following error: error APPX1706: The .winmd file 'project.winmd' contains type '?A0x32772d97.project_XamlTypeInfo.XamlMetaDataProvider' outside its root namespace 'project'. Make sure that all public types appear under...

SQLITE inner join windows phone 8

I have two tables... ITEM and STOREITEM ITEM columns --ITMID_PK,ITMNAME, description ,iCON STOREITEM columns --ITMID_FK,PRICE to retrieve data of ITEM table to list and store in listbox. I follow this List<ITEM> retrievedlist = sqlconn.query<ITEM>("select * from ITEM").ToList<ITEM>(); foreach (var t in retrievedlist ) { listbox.Items.Add(t); } this works perfectly for...

Windows Phone 8.1 : how to Launch an Installed app From My app

I have tried the following links How do I launch other app from my own app in Windows Phone 8.1? Call an external app on windows phone 8.1 runtime(not silverlight) xaml c# application but nothing is working for me as i simply wants to launch one app for e.g. angry...

windows phone 8 c# httpclient dosent send request for second time

i am trying for a simple app in windows phone 8.1. i have a button and on first time click it send a request to insert data into the database via url in php. on second click it delete the data from the same table in database via another url...

How to draw a circle hole inside a rectangle in xaml

I need to put a image as background of whole page, and put over it a rectangle with a transparent circle hole. The example result is bellow. Update I found some solutions using Geometry.Combine, but this does not exists in WP8. With this aproach I could draw a rectangle and...

Can we customize the default style of hub or panorama app

I am trying to customize the hub or panorama style in WP8. Can I make Screen 1 by customizing the default hub or panorama style? I am having trouble in changing the default Screen 2 style. Is it possible, and how?...

Deploy enterprise (in-house) application on windows phone without developer unlocking the phone?

As the title says, I would like to deploy my application on multiple phones, without developer unlocking them. The said application is private, thus it can't be distributed through the store. I've heard of Company app distribution, however it's not clear for me whether it requires a developer unlocked phone...

How to change listpicker dropdown ItemTemplate background?

I have a Windows Phone 8 listpicker that I'm trying to change the background color of, however, it only seems to change the item background and not the dropdown box background as you can see in the screen capture. The dropdown box seems to be binded to the WP8 theme....

Difference between Hide and Unpublish in Windows Phone Dev Center

I want to remove/hide my app from the public Windows Phone Store. In the Windows Phone Dev Center, on the app page, there are two different options: Hide app in Store Unpublish What is the difference between these two? How should I choose, or maybe do both?...

Multiple screen support Windows Phone 8

I used to develop for Android and iOS, and for multiple screen support we use to use mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi. Now I want to develop for Windows Phone, I want to set a background to a button and I don't know how to define image size to support all screen...

Windows Phone Launcher/Theme

I want to ask that is there way for creating Themes or Launcher for windows phone.Because when i search over the internet it leads me to the launcher and pickers (Browser launcher, Contact Picker) etc. i have created several themes for windows 7+ which are working fine and now i...