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WooRank Touchscreen Readiness Failing


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I'm currently using the WooRank website to improve my sites SEO>

However, it keeps failing on "Touchscreen Readiness". It states my buttons should be 40px in height/width which they appear to be.. but it's failing.

Any advice? URL:


It actually says 48px. Check your search console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) under 'Search Traffic' > 'Mobile Usability' to see if any issues are showing up in there. You can drill down to see specific pages that are flagged as having issues.


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WooRank Touchscreen Readiness Failing

I'm currently using the WooRank website to improve my sites SEO> However, it keeps failing on "Touchscreen Readiness". It states my buttons should be 40px in height/width which they appear to be.. but it's failing. Any advice? URL: