font-size,typo3-6.2.x , How can I add a fontsize selector in typo3 6.2?

How can I add a fontsize selector in typo3 6.2?


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I want to add a fontsize selector in typo3 6.2. so I have created the following three files:


and the relevant typoscript settings looks as follows:

config {
  linkVars = L(0-2)
  uniqueLinkVars = 1

obj.fontsize = COA
obj.fontsize {
  1 = TEXT
  1.wrap = <div>|</div>
  1.value = A = page:uid
  1.value.typolink.additionalParams = &L=0

  2 < .1
  2.wrap = <div>|</div>
  2.value = A+
  2.value.typolink.additionalParams = &L=1

  3 < .1
  3.wrap = <div>|</div>
  3.value = A++
  3.value.typolink.additionalParams = &L=2

But if I include the css I am getting a blank screen, so something should be wrong

page = PAGE
page {
  includeCSS {
    [globalVar = GP:L = 0]
    selectorcss = fileadmin/system/Public/Css/fontsize_normal.css
    [globalVar = GP:L = 1]
    selectorcss = fileadmin/system/Public/Css/fontsize_medium.css
    [globalVar = GP:L = 2]
    selectorcss = fileadmin/system/Public/Css/fontsize_large.css


Multiple problems here :

'L' is used as the language variable. Using this (without disabling it) will conflict with TYPO3's languages selection. You will need to create your own variable.

Conditions can not be used INSIDE your typoscript:

[globalVar = GP:L = 0]
page = PAGE
page {
  includeCSS {
    selectorcss = fileadmin/system/Public/Css/fontsize_normal.css

Aldo you can create a font size selector with typoscript, I think a javascript approach would be much easier and flexible. It will give you the option to manipulate your DOM (or replacing your stylesheet, or loading a new stylesheet, or setting a new body font-size , etc ...) and you can safe your settings in a cooky for further use.

On a usability point of view, Font-size selectors are obsolete: Users can set there own font size in a browser & font-sizes should be relative (using em's instead of px)..


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