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Programmatic access to USSD from the Windows 10 Desktop


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I have a Windows 10 Desktop application that needs USSD access, and can get operator permission to use it. However, I can’t use AT commands (COM ports are not exposed), and USSD is not offered by the Windows Desktop Mobile Broadband APIs. I thought of using the Windows Runtime USSD module, but this would require a side-loaded Windows Runtime app to run alongside the Desktop app. The Windows Runtime App could be closed by the system at any time, and the user starts the dialogue from the Windows Desktop App, so won’t re-start the Runtime App.

Is there any better way of accessing USSD programmatically on the Windows 10 Desktop?


Thanks Raymond. The search for this dualapipartition attribute brought me to This link describes how to tweak the Visual Studio project to get access to several WinRT APIs.


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