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Search for element after a designated string


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I have a script that reads from a file and sorts out certain lines by a keyword. I need to be able to pick out a certain element from each of these discovered lines. The lines in the file are set up lie;

$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, element_needed, morestuff...
$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, element_needed, morestuff...
$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, element_needed, morestuff...
$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, element_needed, morestuff...

I am trying to figure out how I would read the lines with the keyword and then write only the element_needed to a file.


the line would be

$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, run_test_file, $(run_test_file.exten)

and I am hoping to write this to another file called listfile containing only run_test_file

It is very important that it takes lines only containing keyword in it cause there could be identical lines like this;

$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, NOT_keyword, run_test_file, $(run_test_file.exten)


Considering your other question, I guess you have to match the lines only if it contains $(eval $(call CreateTest, KEYWORD, I guess you may expect us to literally match the above and then extract the further element needed.


$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, NOT_keyword, run_test_file1, $(run_test_file.exten)
$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, run_test_file2, $(run_test_file.exten)
$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, NOT_keyword, run_test_file4, $(run_test_file.exten)
$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, NOT_keyword, run_test_file9, $(run_test_file.exten)
$(eval $(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, run_test_file10, $(run_test_file.exten)


set fp [open input.txt r]
set data [split [read $fp] \n]
close $fp
set outfile [open listfile.txt w] 
foreach line $data {
    if {[regexp {\$\(eval \$\(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, ([^,]+)} $line match element]} {
        puts $element; # Printing in console
        puts $outfile $element; # This goes to the file
close $outfile

Output :


Regex used :

{\$\(eval \$\(call CreateUvmTest, keyword, ([^,]+)}

Till keyword, it is matched literally, then [^,]+ is matching the element need to be extracted.

Note : This is written by the assumption that the data will be separated with comma in each line.


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