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using AND/OR operators together


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I'm trying to use conditional formatting to color a row if the following is true: column E is less than 50 days old AND if column F does not contain the word exempt OR NA.

So initially i tried =OR(AND($E$4:$E>TODAY()-50, $F$4:$F <> "Exempt"), AND($E$4:$E>TODAY()-50, $F$4:$F <> "NA")) but that did not work. Can anyone steer me the right way?


With your range selected (starting in the 4th row), try this formula.

=AND($E4>TODAY()-50, AND($F4 <> "Exempt", $F4 <> "NA"))

You only need to make the first row resolve as TRUE. With the relative cell row addresses, the formula will adjust for rows further down. You can put that formula into an unused cell on the 4th row and fill down to check the results.


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