caching,typo3-6.2.x , disabling cache for development Purposes in Typo3 Version 6.2.9

disabling cache for development Purposes in Typo3 Version 6.2.9


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I'm very new to Typo3 and am struggling with a few cached images that refuse to update.

There has to be a option to deactivate all caching somewhere, and to flush everything. I need to know how.


What I have been expecting to find was one button that fixes it all. What I actually found was the following:

The directory /fileadmin/_processed_ contains resized images that the website creates and stores for later reuse, deleting the folder's content prompts the website to recreate everything from scratch, thus reflecting any changes to the original images that are stored elsewhere.

The directory /typo3temp/ runs a similar role like the one mentioned above, it contains semitemporary data from some installed extensions (unlike above not limited to image files). If a particular extension is causing trouble you might find (and empty) it's cache in this directory /typo3temp/Cache appears to be of interest.

The Install tool accesible from the backend provides a few useful functions, most notably the clear all cache found under the tab important functions. Furthermore there is a tab clean up which allow clearing cache_imagesizes, cache_md5params, cache_typo3temp_log amongst some other things that don't seem to be of greater interest.


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