dns,seo,blogger,google-crawlers , How to tell Goolge change the results to the new domain of my blogger website? [closed]

How to tell Goolge change the results to the new domain of my blogger website? [closed]


Tag: dns,seo,blogger,google-crawlers

I have just moved my site to the new domain (from math2it.blogspot.com to math2it.com). However, I try to search on Google, there still be the old urls with domain "blogspot.com". How can I tell Google to change the results to "math2it.com"?

I have already changed in Webmaster Tools. I also went to this website to check the status of redirect. The answer is "Type of redirect: 301 Moved Permanently. Redirected to: math2it.com".


looks like you did everything needed to let Google know about the change. Give it some time. Google will update your records, but not instantly


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