vagrant,chef , How to provide a way for Chef users to de-register their disposable Vagrant VM?

How to provide a way for Chef users to de-register their disposable Vagrant VM?


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I've been wrestling with this one for a while, figured I would open it up to the stackoverflow community:

I've got a setup where multiple developers can clone and spin up a Vagrant VM which will get provisioned with Chef. The VM has a hostname unique for the user, based on the host's hostname.

If a user wants to destroy and recreate it, they are instructed to use vagrant destroy, which, with the help of the vagrant-butcher plugin, will de-register the VM from Chef.

However, inevitably, users will rm -rf their VM and attempt to re-create it, getting the dreaded HTTP 403 Forbidden from Chef, because the VM is already registered with a different key.

I then have to manually delete the node and client from Chef, then have them try it again.

Has anyone ever through of a creative way of providing a user a way of de-registering an obsolete VM to be able to re-use the name (assuming both the .pem key and the vagrant folder is gone)?


Run the following script :-)

knife client delete $(hostname) -y
knife node delete $(hostname) -y


Avoid using a shared development environment. Use test kitchen to create a stand-alone test driven development environment. Under the hood it can still use vagrant with chef zero (in memory chef server)

Even better news is that test kitchen comes pre-installed with the chef development kit.


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