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On OSX with Rowley Associates CrossWorks what are the steps needed to compile and run a simple BLE UART sample code for Nordic nRF51 DK to an iPhone.

I found iOS and Android code here and am comfortable with that part:

But I am not sure how to get the toolchain setup and running on the nRF51 board. I've seen some directions for SDK 6.x but can't find anything for SDK 7.x.


This is how I got it to work:

  1. Setup "nRF51 SDK"

  2. unzip "nRF51_SDK_8.0.0_5fc2c3a_packs/nRF_SoftDevice_S110/NordicSemiconductor.nRF_SoftDevice_S110.8.0.0.pack"

  3. Load "$nRF51_SDK_8.0.0_5fc2c3a/components/softdevice/s110/hex/s110_softdevice.hex" on nRF51 with

  4. In CrossWorks File->Import Project and select "$nRF51_SDK_8.0.0_5fc2c3a/examples/ble_peripheral/ble_app_uart" "Select Template" select "nRF51_EXE - ..."template list

  1. Remove "retarget.c" from project (it is easiest if you build now so you get the error)

  2. Select Project Item-> "Project 'nrf51422_xxac_s110'" in project explorer

  3. In "Properties Window" scroll down to "Linker Options" and set "Section Placement Macros" to:



Also make sure Properties Window->Target Loader Options->Can Erase All is set to "No"

  1. Select Build->nrf51422_xxac_s110...

9.5 Select Target -> Connect -> SEGGER J-LINK

  1. Select Debug->Go

Now apps can connect to the nRF51 DK board

Get the mobile app source code here.

See this post for more details.


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