shopify , Shopify: How to make new products hidden by default?

Shopify: How to make new products hidden by default?


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I have a shopify site that is hooked up with Lightspeed via MerchantOS. I need new products added via MerchantOS to be hidden upon sync/creation. All help is appreciated.


The Shopify product creation via API allows you to define the product visiblity (published / hidden). You should dig into MerchantOS to make sure when doing a POST to create a product at your Shopify store, it has the following property:

"published": false

Create a new, but unpublished product:

POST /admin/products.json
  "product": {
    "title": "Burton Custom Freestlye 151",
    "body_html": "<strong>Good snowboard!<\/strong>",
    "vendor": "Burton",
    "product_type": "Snowboard",
    "published": false


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I found this code that allows users to sort the products list on the collections page. I tried the code on the front page but when I click the dropdown, it redirects me to a new page but the page still used the same order as before. Is there something...

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I have a shopify site that is hooked up with Lightspeed via MerchantOS. I need new products added via MerchantOS to be hidden upon sync/creation. All help is appreciated.

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so we are looking to integrate this application: into our Shopify platform. For how it works please check: . So we are looking for add a Carrier Service to our store. And As Postmates provides services to few regions as follows we will add other mutiple shipping options...

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I would like to make a template on shopify visible only to admins. I can make it visible to customers only, but need a code for admin only now. The code for customers I use is: {% unless customer %} {% if template contains 'customer' %} {% assign send_to_login =...

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I'm trying to fetch all the products of a Shopify store in my app using the Shopify API. I have the following code to fetch all the products page wise. This script is breaking at some point of time, not sure where. How can i make a rigid script which...

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I have created a private app for use on my website (The idea is the website will act as the front end using shopify's api to connect to the store). When I create the application, if I edit it there is an example url which looks like this: https://926b44aa1af222f2089ffa4988bc146b:[email protected]/admin/products.json f...