api,entity,breeze , breeze.js not honoring the “noTracking” option when end point returns multiple result sets

breeze.js not honoring the “noTracking” option when end point returns multiple result sets


Tag: api,entity,breeze

Consider this breze query:

return EntityQuery.from('myAPI')

My API is defined like this:

public object myAPI()
      // var userId = get the users id from auth ticket
      var userPref = _contextProvider.Context.UserPreferences.Where(u => u.userId == userId);
      var userOptions = _contextProvider.Context.UserOptions.Where(u => u.userId == userId);
      return new

I know I can get access to the raw data, which is great. But in addition to this, the entities are created in the entity manager, which I would prefer they not be. This works fine for apis that return IQueryable. Is there a different syntax for noTracking for web apis that returns multiple result sets?



I can't reproduce the error you describe. I have a similar DocCode test that passes which references Breeze v1.5.3.

Here is the pertinent NorthwindController method:

    public object Lookups()
        var regions = _repository.Regions;
        var territories = _repository.Territories;
        var categories = _repository.Categories;

        var lookups = new { regions, territories, categories };
        return lookups;

And here's the passing QUnit test:

  asyncTest('object query (e.g., lookups) w/ "no tracking" does not add to cache', function () {
    var em = newNorthwindEm();

    function success(data) {
      var lookups = data.results[0];
      var hasLookups = lookups &&
                       lookups.categories && lookups.regions && lookups.territories;
      ok(hasLookups, 'Expected a lookups object w/ categories, regions and territories');

      var cached = em.getEntities();
      var len = cached.length;
      equal(0, len, 'Expected ZERO cached entities of any kind and got ' + len);

If I comment out the noTracking(true) clause, the test fails and tells me that there are 65 entities in cache ... as predicted.

What am I missing?


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